by Rick Johansen

Barking mad Betty ‘Liz’ Truss, the 45 day prime minister, came out with an absolute pearler at the launch of POPCON, the latest lack of pressure group for hard of thinking Tory MPs. Here’s what she said: “Conservatives have not taken on the left wing extremists. These people don’t admit they are socialists or communists anymore. They say they are environmentalists, in favour of helping people across all communities, in favour of supporting LGBT people.” Dear old Betty. Can I have my say before the men with white coats arrive to take you away?

Political labels can be a drag. Never more so when – and here I go, attributing labels to people – right-wing fruitcakes like Truss start attributing labels. Her unhinged comment that “Conservatives have not taken on the left wing extremists” suggests that left wing extremists have been in charge of our country. You know, left wing extremists like Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, Theresa May and David Cameron. In the 13 years before that, communists like … er … Tony Blair and Gordon Brown led the country and before that John Major and that ultimate left wing extremist Margaret Thatcher.

But Truss goes even further down the rabbit hole with her assertion that these left wing extremists are now known as environmentalists, are in favour of helping people across all communities and support LGBT people. Now let us make this crystal clear. Caring for the environment, helping people across communities and supporting our fellow human beings who happen to have different preferences from the rest of us – that’s socialism or even communism? I won’t even ask how so because it’s stupid beyond words.

It is people like Truss who turn things that should be politically neutral into something political. But being concerned about the environment, for example, is about following the science, isn’t it? Wanting to help people is a natural human response, isn’t it, and supporting gay people – well, why would you not?

I believe passionately in all these things and I’ve put up with more criticism from the comrades of the hard left than from any other group. All that “Red Tory” bollocks which stung at first but these days is water off a duck’s back.

Whatever next, then? Perhaps these cretins from the extremes of politics will call those of us who would love to see a cure for cancer woke, or if we want to cure dementia, is it political correctness gone mad? The likes of Truss and her absurd colleagues include the MP for the Victorian age Jacob Rees-Mogg and 30p Lee Anderthal – sorry, Anderson – who want to buttonhole us, want to put our opinions and beliefs into political boxes. We mustn’t let them. Nevertheless, I am going to do exactly that.

If you were to ask me to define socialism, I would say the NHS. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the NHS, which is why I guess the rich and powerful don’t use it because they don’t believe in it. Short-trousered snake Rishi Sunak used a private GP, as well as private health in general, before his advisors thought it prudent if he became more of an ordinary Joe or Josephine. But if we believe, as most Brits do, that the founding principle of NHS is that everyone is treated free at the point of use and we all contribute to its upkeep, that, comrades, sisters and brothers, is socialism. You might not be a socialist about everything, but if you like the NHS, you’re a closet commie, as Truss might say.

But there is a serious side to this. POPCON believe that the state should step aside from everything. The state should not provide healthcare, it should not provide state schooling. They believe that the market and the market alone should determine how we live our lives. It’s pure Darwinism for the rich and privileged who represent the strongest. They survive. Mind how you go, they say to everyone else.

Somehow, Truss who has reinvented herself as a kind of MAGA-style so-called libertarian, thinks that the problem with the Conservative party is that they haven’t been as right-wing as they should have been and furthermore that the people of the UK secretly feel the same way. We’re happy, they must think, with trolleys of sick people waiting for hours in hospital corridors and over eight million on waiting lists, with schools that are literally falling down, with life expectancy now flat-lining and in some areas falling, with the care sector in crisis and record numbers using food banks; that all this is a price worth paying for a minimalist state that cares for no one. I just don’t buy it.

I don’t believe that objecting strongly to water companies tipping record numbers of shit into our waterways makes me a socialist, The same applies with human induced climate change. Or deforestation. I like, indeed love, my fellow woman and man and I don’t want them to struggle or suffer.  This doesn’t make me a commie menace, does it? And believing that people should be free to do what they want, any old time, as the Soup Dragons so eloquently put it. Controversial? How so? This isn’t something from the pages of Marx or Stalin. So why make it so?

Conservatives like Truss are the real problem, people who make Rishi Sunak, the most right-wing prime minister, quite possibly of all time, certainly more right-wing that Thatcher, seem like a moderate. They’re the problem and they’re the extremists, not the ones who want to make Britain a better place.

And now, Betty, go away to a darkened room and think it all through. You fucked over this country an absolute treat in 45 days of bedlam. Don’t think we have forgotten or will every forget, especially anyone whose mortgage repayments went through the roof thanks to your chaotic mismanagement of the economy. You were and are the very worst of us. Don’t think we can’t see you.


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