A new opinion poll has found that the public believes that Jeremy Corbyn is less competent to run the country than Boris Johnson. No one can surely be surprised at this snapshot of public opinion, not least because the public worked out long ago that Corbyn is utterly useless and hopelessly unsuited to the role of prime minister (or any other major role in Bristol politics, for that matter). I had access to a Facebook group on the subject of this poll and I was struck more by many of the responses to it. This by someone called John Robinson was typical:

“(Corbyn is) perfectly competent, and in most EU countries Corbyn would be seen as a left of centre socialist. Here in the UK the State has financed a huge propaganda exercise, designed to discredit him. It’s relentless, based on personal attacks, and it completely ignores the terrible reality of life in modern Britain. A country in the throes of a nervous breakdown. State propaganda works well. Most people are stupid enough to believe it!”

It’s the last line that really bugs me, that the only reason people think Corbyn is useless is because they are “stupid”. Mr Robinson presumably exercises his superiority complex, as opposed to inferiority, by understanding the state’s “propaganda exercise designed to discredit (Corbyn)”. Does he hell! This viewpoint is straight from the David Icke playbook, the idea that the attacks on Corbyn are as a result of conspiracy. It is complete and utter tosh.

Okay, the right wing tabloids hate Corbyn with a passion, just like they have always hated every other Labour leader. (Yes, they hated Blair until they realised he was going to win.) And last week, the Times ran a story on a couple of senior civil servants who feared that Corbyn might not be up to the job as prime minister. Well, far from wishing to discredit this idea, I know plenty of people in the Labour Party, some of whom carry or have carried senior positions, including that of MP, who have long held doubts as to Corbyn’s abilities, or lack of them. This, to many of us, is not news at all.

In any event, Corbyn richly deserves all the scrutiny and a large amount of the brickbats that come with it. He has been the friend of the terrorist for many years, he has never held even the most junior parliamentary role in his long career, – yes, career: Corbyn is the ultimate career politician – he has tolerated and, some believe, been guilty of anti-Semitism, he is not the sharpest tool in a box full of very blunt tools; he is the most disloyal politician in the room, a man who voted against Labour more than David Cameron.

How dare those from the sneery hard left chattering classes call those of us who don’t rate Corbyn as “stupid”? The biggest hypocrisy of them all emanates from those close to him who claim he would make a good prime minister when they know – and they really do know – how ill-equipped for the job he is.

Whilst Boris Johnson is the ideal man to pour oil on an already burning country – and that, my friends, is precisely what he will do – do not believe, for one second, that Corbyn’s satisfaction level with the public, currently -58%, has been achieved by government propaganda. Yes, newspapers can influence the views of some people but not to that extent.

If anyone is stupid enough to believe the nonsense of the likes of Mr Robinson, good luck with that one. He thinks he is smarter than you. He isn’t.