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That Friday Music Shuffle (6/10)

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Are you as excited as me? Of course you’re not. Why should you be? After all, if you’ve read this far you will be half asleep. And why? Because it’s time for my weekly self-indulgent music shuffle, where my elderly iPod belts out some tunes through the speaker in my Man Cave.

So, welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

1. Sure Maybe by Pagliaro. I kid you not but Michel Pagliaro’s 1971 is one of my favourite rock/pop albums of all time with a shed load of killer tunes. Older folks may recall his hit singles Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy and Rainshowers.

2. You’re All I Need To Get by Michael McDonald. No one does blue eye soul like Michael McDonald and this is a proper gem from his Motown record.

3. Reelin’ in the Years by Steely Dan. From their Green Flower Street live album, this version bears virtually no resemblance to the original, missing Eliott Randall classic guitar riffs so much it only just sounds like the same song. Tight as a duck’s arse, mind.

4. Stella by Here We Go Magic. Let this beauty from 2015’s Be Small wash all over you. Fantastic.

5. On The Beach by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Simply magnificent, all the way back to 1974, I think.

6. Drystone Wall by Xaos. Seriously epic music from Greece, from an album which took 10 years to make.

7. Love Hurts by Jim Capaldi. Great cover of the Everly Brothers classic.

8. Something New by Saint Etienne. Their most recent album Home Counties is superb, not least this gorgeous tune.

9. I’m Sitting On Top of the World by Al Jolson. From 1926, would you believe? Amazing.

10. Barber’s Adagio for Strings (Ferry Corsten remix) by William Orbit. Hmm. The song’s better when Corsten isn’t pissing around with it.

That’s all, folks!

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Die another day

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I don’t know about you, but I like, wherever possible, to make my own decisions and allow others to make theirs. Unless we get in the way of each other’s freedoms, my business is not your business, yours is not mine. For instance, if you disagree with abortion, then don’t have one. If you don’t approve of gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay person. And if you are against assisted dying, then don’t have any assistance dying. It’s the latter that is back in the news today.

Remember Noel Conway? He’s a 67 year old man from Shrewsbury who suffers from motor neurone disease. Given the types of dying which are available to all of us, MND is probably not the one we’d choose. Mr Conway wants to bring about his own death while still physically able to do “at the right time, not to be in a zombie-like condition suffering both physically and psychologically”. Today the High Court has decided he must die in the worst way imaginable, in said zombie-like state, suffering unbelievable anguish and distress. The law is more than an ass in this case.

I suspect Mr Conway rather expected the outcome of the court case because similar cases have been heard and lost over the years. I know there are all manner of moral issues about the right to die, or as it seems to be the compulsion for people to stay alive and suffer, even if they don’t want to. But one thing that should be kept firmly out of this whole debate and that’s religion.

Predictably, the fanatical christian Peter Saunders who runs Care Not Killing said the decision was right “because of the concern that vulnerable people might be exploited or abused by those who have a financial or emotional interest”. That is a gross self misrepresentation of his real views which are simple (and absurd): God wouldn’t like it. It has nothing to do with exploitation and abuse although of course care would need to be taken to ensure the person who wished to end their life was of sound mind, if not body. I do not know Mr Conway, but on the face of it he is well switched-on and knows what he is doing. He has made what is for him the right choice. Our antiquated laws, supported by religious maniacs, ensure he cannot choose the timing of his own death.

Noel Conway should be allowed to end his life, or rather have it ended for him by a doctor delivering a lethal dose, but he can’t. Any doctor who fulfilled the wishes of Mr Conway could end up in prison for up to 14 years.

The law and the likes of Mr Saunders display absolutely no compassion by demanding Mr Conway dies a horrible death. Whether we agree with Mr Conway and his wish to die at a time of his choosing is irrelevant. He should be allowed the choice, simple as that.

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Hang your head

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My trilogy of blogposts about Theresa May ends with the gutlessness of those who surround her. Not her husband who rushed to embrace her following her car crash of a speech but those cabinet colleagues, especially Johnson, who sat by when an alleged comedian invaded May’s space to present her with a pretend P45.

Boris Johnson was actually approached by the alleged comedian just before he made his way to the stage to hand said P45 to May. Who did he think this bloke was? My guess is that Johnson was so far up his own arse, the supreme narcissist that he is, that he didn’t think about him at all. “Boris is Boris” as his apologists, like May, have been known to say. That’s not good enough.

Set aside everything else and think about what happened. A comedian I have never heard of – I am old, after all – managed to acquire accreditation which enabled him to be right in front of May when she made her speech. If he had been Stephen Paddock or Thomas Mair, who murdered Jo Cox, we might have seen the prime minister killed live on network television.

The alleged comedian’s intervention seemed to go on for a long time. It may have been seconds but it felt much longer. It was in full view of all these people and none of them did anything. Would you not, if someone was behaving strangely as this man was, have intervened? I am not sure that anyone in the real world, a million miles away from your average politician, would have hesitated to question what this man was up to. I really don’t get it. My reaction in life is always to question what doesn’t appear to be right. If some random bloke is wandering around, in front of the cabinet, next to the prime minister, waving around a P45 and acting in a strange manner, would you just let him get on with it? I’m not sure I would. Which brings me back to Johnson.

We know that Johnson is full of wind and piss. His main concern would have been to look as supportive as possible when May made her speech. His main motive is to replace her. He did not intervene when a potential madman was at loose: it didn’t occur to him. His eye was on tomorrow’s papers. Seriously: if a much loved colleague was apparently at risk right in front of you, wouldn’t you act to protect her/him? If you live in a world semi, maybe fully, detached from the rest of humanity, as it appears the likes of Johnson seem to do, and all you think about is you, then maybe caring about someone is not something you even think about.

In the unlikely event of finding myself next to the PM during her Big Speech, if said random bloke appeared from left field, wielding I know not what, I am pretty sure I would have instinctively rugby tackled him. That people didn’t leaves me baffled.

Where were you, Johnson, and the other cowards of the Tory Party? Happily for her family, May is alive and kicking tonight, at least physically. You didn’t stop the invader, did you? Gutless, chinless wonders. Hang your head in shame, Johnson.

Eclectic Blue

Our life in their hands

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I haven’t written much about Brexit in a while. It’s hardly worth the effort. Hardly anyone has changed their mind since last year’s referendum despite increasing evidence that it will be a disaster for this country. Most people now recognise that leaving both the single market and the customs union will harm the economy, but it doesn’t matter, right? The government will negotiate a better deal for us once we leave the EU. We’ll be more prosperous. Have you been watching the Tory Party conference this week?

If you have and you still believe the government are capable of negotiating anything, I suggest you are either a loyal Tory, or you haven’t been paying attention. Take Theresa May. Please. Did you hear her speech today? Utterly vacuous, punctuated by a worsening cough that was surely born of the pressure she was under, interrupted by an idiot of a comedian who handed her a pretend P45 (she deserves a real one) and standing in front of the Tory message, the letters of which started falling off before the end. She was pathetic, she is pathetic. Let’s say it loud and clear: May is out of her depth as prime minister.

If the PM is out of her depth, then what of her senior ministers? The scheming ambitious lying shyster foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, who surprises us only by his ability to be even more of a national and international embarrassment than anyone could believe possible. This is not a man concerned about mere detail. His clown act still engages people who should know better, but a clown is what he is. May’s “Boris is Boris” line tires by the day. Calling him a heavyweight includes no reference to his ability as a politician. The disgraced former defence secretary “Dr” Liam Fox, a man with literally no job until we leave the EU, a slimy, arrogant, smug know-nothing who told us that achieving post Brexit agreements would be the easiest thing in the world? Or how about David Davis, noted only for winging it on every issue in the world, a man without a plan? What a ghastly line-up.

At this point it is worth summarising. May, Johnson, Fox and Davis are the main players in having to negotiate the most complex matters since World War Two, if not ever. These are, supposedly, the top politicians in the land. Out futures, short, medium and long, depend on people like these. And you still think Brexit is going to be a raging success?

You might not have liked Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and David Cameron, but by current standards they were political giants. (Cameron loses valuable Brownie points for being responsible for Brexit in the first place.) If we were in the almighty mess we were in today with one of them as PM, I am sure we would not be even contemplating the sheer stupidity of, for instance, leaving the single market which Thatcher helped create. They all knew what they were doing. Forget all the bits you don’t like about those four big hitters. Remember what they were and who they were.

The only one with real ambition of these is Johnson, as ever. He will say literally anything if it helps him achieve his prime ministerial ambitions. Do not be fooled by anything he says: judge him by everything he does. If selling our country down the river helps him to get to where he wants to be, he will sell it. The ever popular Johnson only believes in things which will benefit Johnson, which was why he changed from remainer to leaver.

Brexit, you can be sure, will offer no benefits to our country. It will make things much, much worse as very little much time goes by. And most of the here today, gone tomorrow multimillionaire politicians will be long gone by the time the disaster really unfolds. My view is that a substantial part of this country was duped by the leavers who are now plotting our Brexit. Theresa May’s calamitous speech today and the miserable performances of her chief allies confirms once more we are on our way to hell in a handcart. We asked for Brexit and boy are we going to get it.

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They think it’s all over…

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Well, that was difficult to watch. Theresa May’s leadership speech wrecked by an endless coughing fit. I watched and listened to all of it and now can barely remember a word she said. Cruel that her career should end like this, but I can’t help but wonder if this will be the last time she addresses the Tory loyalists as prime minister. Anyone can have a cough like May has had today. Iain Duncan Smith has managed an entire career with Freddie the Frog stuck to his vocal chords. It never stopped him being a disastrous leader, did it?

I fear – well, actually I don’t fear – that May’s vocal issues will be seen as metaphor for her political career. Not even May’s greatest admirers would suggest that she was a skilled orator, rather the reverse, but punctuated by numerous coughing fits this was pitiful to behold. And it needn’t have been this way.

Politicians in the modern age are usually micromanaged to ensure things like this don’t happen. Speakers, like singers, are urged to warm up before performances. Doctors and vocal coaches are regularly employed to get speakers and singers through performances. It is not actually that hard to manage even the most severe cough and cold. This dysfunctional political party couldn’t even do that.

Worse still, how on earth was an alleged comedian able to get close to the PM? What if this man was a terrorist? I am not joking here. 9/11 happened when terrorists used box cutters to attack airline pilots. We could have watched murder on national television. If the Tories can’t protect the prime minister, what hope for the rest of us?

May’s was a frog called anxiety. The pressure she was under, leading a hopelessly divided party, having to make a lengthy speech without really saying anything of substance. The fact that she finally got through it, after giving the impression throughout that she might not is no triumph over adversity. The prime minister of a country in desperate need of leadership coughed and spluttered to the extent that the content went unheard by the country. What do you think will capture the news bulletins and newspapers? It won’t be the laundry list of vague promises: it will be that of a woman in a job she isn’t up to doing, almost throwing up (it did look like that might have happened). Those of us who are interested in politics will know that. Those of us who are not interested will just see and hear the coughing.

I can’t wait for May’s cheerleaders in the Telegraph, Mail, Express and Sun will present this one tomorrow. They can’t pretend it didn’t happen, that it wasn’t a car crash, that is hasn’t put a further dent in her credibility. Sorry, this is a tough world and politics is a tough business.

I didn’t even notice until late on that a letter was missing from the backdrop which I feature next to this blogpost. If May wasn’t finished before this speech, she is now.

Eclectic Blue

Horrible bosses

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I’ve been reading up on bad bosses, or bad managers as we are more likely to refer to them in Britain. For most of my working life, I have been blessed with good managers, suffered bad managers and worked with those who are somewhere in the middle.

In consulting with my old friend Mr Google, I came across as website called Other excellent sites are available, but I found this one especially useful.

Bad bosses are bad news for everyone. They are bad news for individual workers, they are bad news for everyone else. They are bad news for senior managers but worst of all they are bad news for the business, whatever it is.

I hope you enjoy having good bosses but I wonder if you recognise anyone from the following?

Bad bosses, in order of their frequency in the reader comments thread, do the following.

Love brownnosers, tattletales, and relatives who report to them. They choose favorite employees and cover up and make excuses for the poor work of their incompetent favorites. They ignore selected people and discriminate against many employees. They tend to give their favorites better schedules and assignments, more attention, and pal around with them outside of work.

Fail to communicate, and may not even have clear expectations, timelines or goals. Bad bosses change their minds frequently leaving employees off-balance. Bad bosses change expectations and deadlines frequently. Employees have trouble knowing where they stand and whether they’re meeting expectations. Employees fail to feel a sense of accomplishment when expectations don’t exist.
Use disciplinary measures inappropriately when simple, positive communication would correct the problem. Bad bosses ignore employees until there is a problem, then pounce. They seek out the guilty when they want to correct a problem.
Speak loudly, rudely, one-sidedly to staff. Bad bosses don’t provide the air time for staff to respond to accusations and comments. They intimidate people and bully staff. They allow other employees to bully employees.
Take credit for the successes and positive accomplishments of employees. They are equally as quick to blame employees when something goes wrong. They throw employees under the bus loudly and in public.
Fail to provide rewards or recognition for positive employee performance.
bad boss characteristics cited by readers. The following came up less frequently but were contributed by more than one reader.

The bad boss characteristics:

Is not qualified for the boss job by either skills or experience. The bad boss doesn’t know how to lead and interact effectively with people.
Will not let go of problems or mistakes. The bad boss returns to discuss negative events continually and searches for faults in employees.
Will not accept constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. The bad boss can’t deal with disagreement from employees who have their own opinions about work-related issues.
Lacks integrity, breaks promises, and is dishonest. Bad bosses make up stories when they don’t know the answer to an employee’s question and they are too lazy to find out.
Does not have the courage to deal with a difficult situation despite knowing that it is the right thing to do.
Causes dissension among staff members by his or her actions and comments.

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Las Vegas

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At least something positive has come from this ghastly mass murder in Las Vegas. People are offering their thoughts and prayers. I can’t do the latter because – and I know this is controversial – they don’t seem to work, but I am definitely thinking about the poor people who lost their lives, were wounded and those close to them. President Trump offered his thoughts and prayers too in a strangely God-fearing speech to the nation. You know you are in trouble when such a nasty piece of work like Trump gets on the phone to God.

If these prayers are to mean anything, I have a suggestion: why not ask God to stop the likes of Stephen Paddock carrying out such atrocities? It is all very well praying after things have gone hideously wrong but couldn’t someone who has close dealings with God, like the Pope, for example, have a quiet word with his paranormal mate up in the clouds?

This isn’t funny and it’s not meant to be. Trump stood on the White House lawn, next to someone who appeared to be Michael Jackson but could have been his wife, giving it the big religion stuff. A little prayer here, a little prayer there. Pray for the people who are dead? What the fuck is that all about? No, Donald: we wanted you to say and do something about gun control, which you won’t do because you are a friend of the murderous NRA.

Don’t give me all this crap about the second amendment which goes like this: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Do you know what a militia is? It’s this: “A military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.” But what happened in Las Vegas last night did not constitute an emergency. It was a country music gig and Stephen Paddock turns up and murders scores of people. People like you, Donald, helped arm Stephen Paddock. You are almost as guilty as he is.

The news channels are interviewing countless apologists for the continued non-regulation of guns in America, many of them arguing just what a good thing it is that everyone can own their own gun. They are actually used defensively. They save lives. Just like they did today.

The one thing we know for sure is that nothing will change in the USA. People will still buy guns and then use them for the purpose for which they are intended. Share prices for gun companies rose dramatically today. Trump’s faux sympathy today will be forgotten tomorrow and so on until more people are gunned down by a crazy gunman. Then Trump will invoke God, offer his “warm sympathy”, visit the victims and then do nothing.

The truth is God can’t do anything about this because he doesn’t exist. Donald J Trump does, sadly, exist but you can bet he will be as useless as the non existent celestial dictator.

Eclectic Blue

Golf shames itself

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As is often the case on a Sunday evening, I watched the conclusion on Sky TV of a golf tournament, in this instance the President’s Cup, a kind of pound shop version of the Ryder Cup, featuring the USA and a place called Internationals. The standard of golf was decent enough but it had all the emotion and passion of a wet Sunday in Weston Super Mare. The USA ran out easy winners, if you are interested in that kind of thing. And guess who turned up to present the trophy? Donald J Trump. In the view of this boy, golf really let itself down yesterday.

A few days after the kneeling protests by American footballers against the rising tide of racism in their country, golfers from the USA and those from Internationals (including Australians, South Africans and numerous other places apart from Europe) seemed to be falling over themselves to shake hands with and embrace Trump. It was vomit-inducing. I am reluctant to mention the fact that among those sucking up to the president were men of colour. I am not saying they have committed any criminal act and they have done nothing that white players did, but don’t they realise who they were shaking hands with? A man who referred to fascists, white supremacists and the KKK as “very fine people”. In other words, a racist and a fascist who, increasingly, poses a threat to the world.

I read today that Trump was heckled. I couldn’t hear that on the coverage being shown by Sky where, if anything, Trump was greeted with near universal euphoria. As he introduced himself to everyone, he used his aggressive handshake as if to show his power and influence. US captain Steve Stricker made a speech which suggested he had lost his mind.

Stricker said: “I thought it was a great thrill. I thought it was a great opportunity for us to be with him. And this tournament is about respecting the office, respecting the president of the United States, and whether your views may be one way versus another, that wasn’t what it was about out there on the green. It was about us getting together as a team, playing for one another, playing for the USA and it was a great thrill for all of us to get the trophy handed to us from him.”

I have no wish to dissect his comments because they speak for themselves. But the bit where he says “this tournament is about respecting the office, respecting the president of the United States” is mind-boggling. Imagine a tournament in pre war Nazi Germany and the German captain saying the same thing about Hitler. The point is that Trump deserves no respect for everything he has done and almost everything he stands for. Respect a man who threatens world peace? Respect a man who has attempted to remove affordable health care from the American people? Respect a man who wants to build a wall between his own country and Mexico? Respect a man who refers to fascists as “very fine people”? The list goes on forever. Surely you don’t respect someone just for the sake of respecting him? He earns respect. Trump has done nothing to earn the respect of anyone.

This miserable business was going on whilst the people of Puerto Rico were struggling in the face of floods and the destruction of their lives. The America reaction to the disaster has been woeful and what was Trump’s reaction? He dedicated the American’s victory in a Mickey Mouse golf tournament to the people of Puerto Rico and Florida, something that makes no sense whatsoever.

Where the NFL stood strong, the PGA was gutless. Given my golfing abilities, or lack of them, the opportunity to meet the POTUS after playing a game is a remote prospect, but had it happened, I would have looked and walked the other way. To embrace Trump after the golf was to embrace everything he stands for and what he stands for is a fascist world. Let’s not mince words. Trump, like Le Pen, like Farage and like the KKK, is of the far right.

The PGA should have a long hard look at itself and so should the players who soiled their own reputations by cuddling up to such a nasty piece of work.

Eclectic Blue

Out of touch

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I will not pretend to be anywhere near the heart of the (in)action at Bristol Rovers these days. I hear the same rumours that you do. Wael Al Qadi holds a ceremonial role, Wael Al Qadi is in control, Hani is the power behind the throne, Hani wants to flog the Memorial Stadium to a Chinese consortium led by a former Rovers chief scout and Rovers will be tenants at the UWE, redevelopment at the Memorial Stadium is going to start next week/year/in your dreams, things are not good “behind the scenes”. Take your pick about what’s true and what isn’t. Here’s my take.

And my take is that I don’t have the first clue. Everything I say is a guess. So, my guess is that the Memorial Stadium will stay in its undeveloped state for many years to come and Rovers will be playing there. Or, alternatively, these Chinese people want to buy the site of the old Mem for a song and develop it (that is to say demolish the stadium and build something else) whilst the new owners come to a deal where Rovers move to the UWE stadium. I fully expect the UWE owners top introduce greyhound racing and later speedway before, in around 40 years, Rovers decide they can no longer afford the rent at the UWE and move to Twerton Park, which will be just like it is now, except 40 years older.

For reasons I don’t fully understand, I am still interested in this stuff, even though much of the passion has deserted me. I was at the Rovers v Plymouth game yesterday and, as I do every single time, marvel at why and how so many loyal supporters pack this tip of a stadium. The Memorial Stadium is ridiculously unfit for purpose in so many ways and only the corporate and hospitality areas are adequate. Pretty well since Rovers moved to Horfield over two decades ago, it seems that the powers-that-be have been content to enjoy the company – and money – of the better off and regard your average punter as man afterthought, offering the bare minimum of facilities, piss poor catering, an old rugby clubhouse with clubhouse bar facilities and in some areas chronic viewing and uncovered viewing facilities.

I remain cynical that anything will ever happen at the Mem, no matter how I genuinely like Wael and chairman Steve Hamer, whose motives I have had no reason to question. I just can’t see how you can magic the Mem to be something it isn’t. Update the facilities and you still have a football ground in an area which struggles to deal with the footfall and parking that gates of 10k generate. Imagine trying to cope with 16k? It’s not going to happen. But accept that option and any dream of Rovers progressing beyond League One will die forever. Move from the Mem to be someone’s tenants? Well, you know where that leads, however you dress it up. And anyway, whichever route the owners, whoever they are, wish to travel, if it’s not full ownership of a spanking new, wholly owned state of the art stadium then I struggle to see the point.

I appreciate that many people – maybe most – are happy to stand still, people for whom the mere existence of the club is sufficient, that turning up to watch a game every other week, regardless of the division, is all that matters. And do you know what? I think they are right. You may call it burying your head in the sand – and I agree with you, if you do – but experience shows that at the Rovers it is the best course of action. I readily admit that the new owners have made more efforts than most in reacting to the demands of supporters, such as they are, but in many ways supporters are also bystanders.

No, I don’t know what is going on, if anything is going on at all. If there is something going on, let’s hope that the fans have a say, but without meaningful representation on the board in through a strong and independent supporters club, which doesn’t exist at BS7, I struggle to see how they will, which is probably just as well since most supporters have never wanted a say and still don’t today!

Eclectic Blue

Lucky Man

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As ever, I have lots of “stuff” going on which is fucking up my mental health. It goes without saying it’s work related. I was not looking forward to anything yesterday. I wanted to stay within our four walls and not see anyone. In fact, I didn’t really want to get up at all. My soul mate, going well beyond all sense of duty, forced me out of the door to meet a wonderful close friend at the football which in turn led to come across a sea of friendly faces. For a short while, the world seemed a better place.

It was not the football itself that lifted me. There are too many memories, almost all of which are bad, that have all but ruined my love for Bristol Rovers. Thanks Nick, thanks Toni. (Other people I do not respect one iota are available to dislike but it’s easier to concentrate my dislike and disrespect to just two.) Dislike but not hate. Hate is too strong a word and it’s a waste of energy.

All around were people I know have suffered in their own ways. Bereavements, messy splits with partners, falling in with bad people and, happily, falling out with the same ones, those who suffered from and have now recovered from life threatening illnesses. They were all there, they were all smiling, they clearly had something to live for and for one Saturday afternoon their love lifted me higher.

It all left me very tired when we went to a surprise birthday party in the evening, tired to the point where my brain was a heady combination of papier mache and thick fog, where I had to think hard just to make sure the right words came out. I didn’t last long and I apologise to the generous hosts for that. But as my partner rightly pointed out, contrary to my protestations, it was right to go and I felt better, albeit barely able to stay awake, when I got home.

And that’s the current issue with my black dog: utter exhaustion. I know from speaking with others and through therapy and counselling that exhaustion is common because depression and anxiety is so tiring. The brain simply cannot switch off, particularly when I wake up some time between the darkest hour between the dark and the dawn. I am completely awake and alert in a way I’d like to be when I need to be.

I slept reasonably well last night, except for one lengthy stretch of unwanted alertness at around 4.20 am which lasted, off and on, for about an hour and a half, which led, inevitably, to me being utterly knackered. Now my eyes feel like they have been treated with sandpaper. Oh well. Things could be a lot worse.

I may be better, I may well be worse after Tuesday which is something it wouldn’t be appropriate to talk about just yet. But yesterday reminded me that I have far more people on my side than I ever realised and, once again, I know I am a lucky man.

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