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Our life in their hands

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Our life in their hands

I haven’t written much about Brexit in a while. It’s hardly worth the effort. Hardly anyone has changed their mind since last year’s referendum despite increasing evidence that it will be a disaster for this country. Most people now recognise that leaving both the single market and the customs union will harm the economy, but it doesn’t matter, right? The government will negotiate a better deal for us once we leave the EU. We’ll be more prosperous. Have you been watching the Tory Party conference this week?

If you have and you still believe the government are capable of negotiating anything, I suggest you are either a loyal Tory, or you haven’t been paying attention. Take Theresa May. Please. Did you hear her speech today? Utterly vacuous, punctuated by a worsening cough that was surely born of the pressure she was under, interrupted by an idiot of a comedian who handed her a pretend P45 (she deserves a real one) and standing in front of the Tory message, the letters of which started falling off before the end. She was pathetic, she is pathetic. Let’s say it loud and clear: May is out of her depth as prime minister.

If the PM is out of her depth, then what of her senior ministers? The scheming ambitious lying shyster foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, who surprises us only by his ability to be even more of a national and international embarrassment than anyone could believe possible. This is not a man concerned about mere detail. His clown act still engages people who should know better, but a clown is what he is. May’s “Boris is Boris” line tires by the day. Calling him a heavyweight includes no reference to his ability as a politician. The disgraced former defence secretary “Dr” Liam Fox, a man with literally no job until we leave the EU, a slimy, arrogant, smug know-nothing who told us that achieving post Brexit agreements would be the easiest thing in the world? Or how about David Davis, noted only for winging it on every issue in the world, a man without a plan? What a ghastly line-up.

At this point it is worth summarising. May, Johnson, Fox and Davis are the main players in having to negotiate the most complex matters since World War Two, if not ever. These are, supposedly, the top politicians in the land. Out futures, short, medium and long, depend on people like these. And you still think Brexit is going to be a raging success?

You might not have liked Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and David Cameron, but by current standards they were political giants. (Cameron loses valuable Brownie points for being responsible for Brexit in the first place.) If we were in the almighty mess we were in today with one of them as PM, I am sure we would not be even contemplating the sheer stupidity of, for instance, leaving the single market which Thatcher helped create. They all knew what they were doing. Forget all the bits you don’t like about those four big hitters. Remember what they were and who they were.

The only one with real ambition of these is Johnson, as ever. He will say literally anything if it helps him achieve his prime ministerial ambitions. Do not be fooled by anything he says: judge him by everything he does. If selling our country down the river helps him to get to where he wants to be, he will sell it. The ever popular Johnson only believes in things which will benefit Johnson, which was why he changed from remainer to leaver.

Brexit, you can be sure, will offer no benefits to our country. It will make things much, much worse as very little much time goes by. And most of the here today, gone tomorrow multimillionaire politicians will be long gone by the time the disaster really unfolds. My view is that a substantial part of this country was duped by the leavers who are now plotting our Brexit. Theresa May’s calamitous speech today and the miserable performances of her chief allies confirms once more we are on our way to hell in a handcart. We asked for Brexit and boy are we going to get it.

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