It’s not as if I need another reason to not vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s shit show of a Labour Party these days. My only decision is whether to hold my nose and vote Liberal Democrat or spoil my ballot paper. Seeing Corbyn’s cult following in action at the Labour Party’s campaign launch yesterday in Battersea, I am sure a small lump of sick appeared in my mouth.

Having endured Corbyn’s woeful ineptitude in the House of Commons for four long years, failing to hold successive Tory leaders to account and coming out second best to someone as hopeless as Theresa May, it was baffling to see his fans give him a standing ovation as he entered the hall. It was all about the Magic Grandpa himself. “This is not about me,” announced the old boy, which must have come as a big surprise to his legions of admirers who launched into a chorus of “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” once he had reached the end of his speech. Then, there was a Q&A.

The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg and Sky’s Beth Rigby were roundly booed as they asked a couple of basic, inoffensive questions. His fans were appalled. “How dare you question the saintliness of the messiah?” He was in his element, bathing in the glory created by an audience that came not just to listen but mainly to love him. He could do no wrong. What is wrong with these people?

Labour’s wretched leader only likes to speak to people who already agree with him. Until the last few years, he was largely unknown, a crank figure on the far left who cosied up to terrorists from all over the world and indeed celebrated their terrorism. A terrorist supporting pacifist. How does that work? But that’s the paradox of Corbynism: a man who wants peace but supports those who are anything but peaceful.

I’d witnessed this pathetic hero worship of a man who is anything but a hero as I noted that Labour’s leader had said nothing this week about the death of Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi, the psychopathic leader of the maniacs who call themselves ISIS. Need I remind you of how this evil organisation beheaded innocent people and slaughtered many others in the most vile of circumstances? If Baghdadi was the victim of state execution, then so what? Corbyn’s response? Absolutely nothing. Seven days after the death of an islamic fascist and there’s nothing from Corbyn. Did he not hear about it or does he not care? This is what he is like.

Jeremy Corbyn is a disgusting little man with a lifetime of non-achievement, a career backbencher who until he was accidentally propelled to the Labour leadership had achieved nothing in life. He still hasn’t. People say, “He’s the lesser of two evils”, as if that’s a reason for vote for him. He might be evil but just vote for him. Sod that.

The hero-worship is simply mental and it will come as a huge shock when the cultists realise that their love for Corbyn is not shared by the rest of the country. In their way they are setting the scene for a hard right, hard Brexit Britain. What an epitaph. What a failure. Oh no, Jeremy Corbyn.