I struggle to make any sense of the current political system. At the moment, we have a right wing Tory Party which is killing the country with austerity, underfunding the NHS and schools and making a mess of Brexit, which to be fair would be the case whoever was in power. We now have a Labour opposition which is controlled by the hard left, with millionaire Stalinist Seumas Milne literally making party policy. The Lib Dems are still toxic after propping up Cameron’s awful government for five years, so where do we go?

Most people I call friends and acquaintances will hold similar views to my own. This would include one or two Tories, certainly those who support MPs and Lords on the moderate wing of the party like Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine. It would be very difficult to sustain a friendship with, say, a hardline Ukip supporter or a member of Britain First, which to my mind is much the same thing.

My own feeling is that there is nowhere to go for a whole swathe of voters all the way from mainstream left to one nation Tory. I am utterly appalled by Theresa May’s dire government but almost as much with Jeremy Corbyn’s pitiful opposition. Both leaders are Pound Shop politicians, devoid of any leadership qualities and vision. Where May panders to the hard right in her party, Corbyn genuinely is from the hard left, a disciple of Tony Benn’s simplistic slogans and rhetoric of the 1970s and 1980s with literally nothing new to say.

The Liberal Democrats should be an alternative but they aren’t. Personally, I can’t forgive them what they did to prop up Cameron, nor the lies they told in blaming the worldwide financial crash on Labour, as their Tory paymasters told them to do. And Vince Cable has arrived in the top job a decade too late.

In an ideal world, Corbyn and the comrades would be in some kind of Socialist Party, along with the likes of Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Arthur Scargill, Ken Loach, Mark Serwotka and every other bampot from the ultra left. They’d be campaigning for Corbyn’s beloved Brexit, the nationalisation of everything, disarming, leaving NATO and basically printing money as the economy collapsed. Labour would be led by someone like Yvette Cooper or Dan Jarvis and would be campaigning on a mainstream left of centre agenda, focusing on greater fairness and equality, strengthening schools and hospitals, ensuring the country was properly defended and if not staying in the EU (my preferred option is staying) then doing something like a Norway.

This kind of Labour would surely seek to attract the centre ground, the swing voters. Now, the country is split down the middle, even though I don’t believe that over 80% of the electorate actually believe passionately in the talent and ability of May and Corbyn, but if they actually do the country is in an even bigger mess than I thought it was.

But what is going to happen? That’s the problem because I think the answer is nothing. I do not want to see mainstream left members leaving Labour to form a new party. I want the hard left to piss off and start their own party. I think the Lib Dems are irretrievable and I won’t vote Green because I need my car. And the Tories? Never in a million years. But, I can see them bouncing back before too long.

Once Brexit has been decided, May will be ditched and a new leader will be in place. If they choose correctly – and there are some decent candidates – I believe they will win and win big. Never underestimate the Tories, no matter how much you might hate them. They are the greatest political winning machine in history.

Ultimately, it’s out electoral system, the first past the post system that is our downfall. If we can achieve anything in our lifetimes, it will be fair votes by way of proportional representation in parliament. Millions, many millions of votes, don’t count at all in many parts of the country. That’s undemocratic. The problem is that the Tories are against PR and the Bennite left is against it too. The alternative to PR is what we have now – May v Corbyn. It’s an easy decision. Isn’t it?