Today’s the day on which millions of people take to social networks to moan about the Eurovision Song Context. To be fair, moaning is one of our favourite pastimes. A three and a half hour programme during which dozens of new and generally terrible songs are played. We can use up our entire year’s quota of moaning in one evening.

Allow me to explain what the Eurovision Song Contest is and what it isn’t. Firstly, it’s an entertainment show. Secondly, it is patently not a contest between the best new songs on the planet. Once you can get these simple facts into your head, the rest is easy.

I like pretty well everything about it. The ritual of our song finishing near the bottom of of the pile, of countries voting for their neighbours and friends, of all manner of folk wearing garish outfits and generally making fools of themselves, of presenters struggling to read their auto cues properly, Graham Norton’s piss taking and in my case never having the slightest clue as to which song will actually win. My enjoyment is not universally shared. I don’t care.

“What a load of old crap,” is a familiar refrain. “And why are Israel and Australia in it? They’re not in Europe! I’ve wasted an entire evening watching this rubbish when I could have been watching Britain’s Got Talent. Oh…”

I have some advice for people who hate Eurovision: have you thought of not watching it, perhaps doing something else like going out, reading a book, listening to some music or even speaking to your partner? If you have a pre conceived idea of what the show actually is and know you won’t enjoy it, then surely you know what to do? There is no law that requires you to spend the evening glued to the telly box. And rather than complain about something that you don’t like and others do, just remember that you will not live forever and it might be considered a waste of time watching so much telly in the first place.

Eurovision is a bit of fun, nothing more. You can find stuff in any entertainment show to slag off if you really want to. Put simply, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.