Imagine if Jeremy Corbyn said this:

“Last night showed that Theresa May’s minders can put her in a smart red suit for an interview with Jeremy Paxman. But with her position on Brexit, she will find herself alone and naked in the negotiating chamber with the European Union.

“Now I know that’s an image that doesn’t bear thinking about. But actually this is very serious.”

My guess is that there would be hell to pay for Corbyn and the Labour Party. It would, undoubtedly have been viewed as both contemptuous, misogynistic and sexist. He would rightly have been slaughtered for it. But he said no such thing. With a few changes of sex, that’s what the weak and wobbly Tory leader said about Corbyn and it isn’t good enough.

I could easily ignore this as run of the mill political abuse, but it’s more than that. With no policies to offer the electorate beyond inflicting the dementia tax on her “ordinary working people” and generally making people worse off, May scrapes the political barrel.

Corbyn will ignore May’s pathetic abuse, but what if he’d responded with something like “Well, you’re no oil painting yourself” I suspect he’d have encouraged not a few nodding heads. Frankly, I would prefer both of them remained fully clothed thank you very much.

If you didn’t believe me many weeks ago when I said that Theresa May was out of her depth as prime minister, you must by now. Still, she avoids direct debate with political opponents, preferring stage managed occasions arranged through her own minders. With nothing to say, other than setting out what she believes to be her entitlement to be PM, she settles for the language of the gutter press. And in doing so, she has weakened the May brand considerably, regardless of how big a majority she wins next week.

Who else, except perhaps Theresa May, could have performed so abysmally throughout the election campaign and at the same time raised the profile of the worst Labour leader in living memory to that of a seemingly renowned world leader?

Lynton Crosby, her chief spin doctor, has plainly upped the ante. Unexpectly, Labour’s money tree growing manifesto has resonated with large swatches of the country who are sick to the back teeth of politics as usual. It has shown in the opinion polls with one showing that the Tory lead of 24% has narrowed to 5%. It’s panic stations for Mrs May, hence the latest abuse from the vicar’s daughter.

I’ll say it as no one else has: whilst the image of a naked Jeremy Corbyn does not bear thinking about, the image of Theresa May in the buff doesn’t put me in the mood for my dinner, either. And anyway, it’s utterly irrelevant.

I wouldn’t trust May to run a bath, never mind the most complex set of negotiations ever to be conducted by a British politician. “Only one of us has the determination to deliver the will of the people and make Brexit happen,” said May. “And only one of us has the plan to make Brexit a success.” I agree with her and that man is Keir Starmer.