You could barely make this stuff up. This evening, opposition leaders met in parliament to try and piece together some kind of compromise over Brexit. That’s what you’d expect politicians to do. Unless your name is Jeremy Corbyn. Because among the opposition leaders was Chuka Umunna, the spokesman of the Independent Group (TIG). Corbyn angrily stomped out, not to return.

TIG was formed because the two main parties were letting the country down. The Tories, lurching insanely to the right, led not by the prime minister but crazed right wing small state English nationalists and Labour, steaming off to the far left, led by disaster socialists who, let’s be honest about this, really want a no deal Brexit in order to usher in a far left Labour government to introduce pure socialism in one country. Extremists who meet on the fringes, both supporting Brexit, any Brexit, but preferably a very hard Brexit. The TIG was the voice of reason, of moderation, of the centre. Corbyn, who told us he believed in a kindler, gentler politics, showed his true colours. As Lib Dem leader Vince Cable put it, Corbyn did not want to breathe the same air as Umunna.

Corbyn obviously sees Umunna as a wrong ‘un, some kind of traitor, perhaps. Moreover, he probably thinks, as the tribal purist he is, he cannot possibly deal with him. Which tells you a lot about Corbyn.

Labour’s leader is not usually so picky with who he speaks to. He had no problem speaking with IRA terrorists ad their leaders, inviting them as he did to parliament. He has friends in Hezbollah and Hamas. He laid a wreath in Tunisia to honour those who castrated and murdered Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. He counts anti-Semites as his friends. His head honcho Seumas Milne is an out and out Stalinist and Stalin was of the worst mass murderers in history. But Corbyn can’t meet elected politicians in the national interest, with the country about to go off a cliff, because he won’t be in the same room as Chuka Umunna, a man whose only ‘crime’ was to leave a party that has lurched to the far left. The leader of the opposition, I ask you.

Theresa May is the worst prime minister ever. She is hopelessly out of her depth, woefully incompetent and on her watch the country is on its way to hell in a handcart. What does Jeremy Corbyn do? He puts his own politics ahead of the national interest. Corbyn and May are a disgrace to politics and worse than that a disgrace to their country.

The country lies broken because our politics is broken. Those who hold power in the main parties follow their own agendas whilst the country goes to the dogs, a laughing stock around the world, begging the EU to give us more time to hang ourselves. They could be forgiven for not giving us more rope.

History will look back on the Corbyn era in the Labour Party in a sense of utter disbelief. How on earth did a once proud party get into this mess? The answer is Labour elected Jeremy Corbyn to lead it, a man happier in the company of Gerry Adams than Chuka Umunna. And that, dear reader, is why Labour is in the mess it is today and why the most divided Tory party of all time still leads in the polls.