And now a word from Gloria Di Piero, the Labour MP for Ashfield in Nottinghamshire:

“Though I voted to Remain in the EU at the referendum I have long been concerned about wages being depressed at the lower end of the wage market. Is there anything socialist about a free market in human beings?”

Ms Di Piero is referring to migration here, those awful foreign folk who come here to work, often to do the jobs Brits don’t want to do. Well, perhaps things are particularly grim in Ashfield so let’s look at the ethnicity of the town:

97.6% White
(96.0% White British)
1.0% Asian
0.5% Black
1.0% Mixed
0.1% OtherĀ 

Oh crikey, things must be awful there. As many as 4% of the population are driving down the living standards of the other 96%. You couldn’t make it up, except that a Labour MP – (puts on Neil Kinnock voice) a Labour MP – is blaming non-existent foreign folk for the low living standards of her constituency. Presumably, the Thatcherite deindustrialisation of places like Nottinghamshire, nor the country’s long-standing love affair with paying people as little as possible has anything to do with it? Pull the other one.

The main point to consider is this: is there evidence that EU workers are generally driving down the wages of British workers? The answer to this is, quite firmly, no. This is not to say that there is not a single instance of British workers having their wages suppressed as a result of migration. It’s just not a big thing.

And here’s something else. We have always been able to control the numbers of migrants coming from the EU, it’s just that politicians chose not to do so. More than that, the majority of migrants come from outside the EU. Blaming the European Union for all our ills is absurd.

I once had high hopes for the likes of Ms Di Piero and her fellow Labour MP Caroline Flint. However, since Brexit they have failed to even attempt to persuade their own constituents that Brexit, in any form, will make them poorer. Remember that MPs are representatives, not delegates, and on that basis should therefore acted in their constituents interests, whether they agree with them or not. Ms Di Piero thinks it’s not socialist to allow workers to come here from other countries, but that it is socialist to ensure workers get poorer. The truth is that she is far more worried about her own well-paid job as an MP as she is of the livelihoods of the people she is misrepresenting.

There is undoubtedly a major issue of low pay in our country. Making the country worse off will not make people better off, which is what some people appear to be saying.

The majority of politicians are weak and cowardly and won’t do what they believe and know to be right. And in their respective ways, the Labour anti-migrants are no better than the likes of Nigel Farage and probably worse, because at least we know Farage is an out there racist and bigot. They’re all blaming foreigners for our problems.