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Nice day for a royal wedding?

Comments Off on Nice day for a royal wedding? 19 May 2018

There is something gloriously bonkers about the royal wedding. My own feelings are mainly of apathy, of ambivalence; a bit of meh. I’ve drifted into the other room occasionally to watch David Beckham, Serena Williams and George Clooney arriving and I’ve been pleased to observe that James Blunt is there too, meaning that with any luck we won’t be hearing him sing anything today. For the life of me, I cannot understand why a single person (yes, or a married one: boom, boom) would bother to go to Windsor in the hope of seeing someone they don’t know and will almost certainly never meet get married, but people do and good luck to them.

Perhaps, it’s all about escapism. Let’s face it: many people’s lives can be very hum drum. Working for most of the week and watching television and sleeping for most of the remaining days is not exactly living the dream, is it? When I look at the royals, I see a version of Reality TV, but without eating Kangaroo testicles or being in the same room as Katie Price, equally unpleasant scenarios I am sure you will agree.

I am sort of trying to avoid The Big Day. I say sort of because I don’t have the energy nor inclination to close my ears and shout loudly when passing by our telly. But once you’ve heard one person tell you what a lovely couple Harry and Meghan are – and I am sure they are a lovely couple – you’ve heard them all. We know all about Harry’s ‘work’ with wildlife consideration, except when he goes out shooting wildlife, of course; we know all about how he cares, genuinely, about the stigma of mental health and we know about his truly heroic work with the Invictus games. He should really get a title for everything he does. I hope the queen is paying attention.

When Meghan walks down the aisle, I shall be in Asda in the safe knowledge that hardly anyone else will be. That’s not so much of avoiding the main bit (“Ooooh…what a luvverly dress she’s wearing”) as ensuring my shopping takes as little time as possible. Meanwhile, thousands of people will be standing around in Windsor, getting pissed on cheap Prosecco and Kopparberg, buying souvenir tat from the Del Boys of this world and taking endless photos to share on social networks. I’ll see you in the booze section.

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