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Nearest thing to heaven

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Nearest thing to heaven

The skies across Britain are so often covered with clouds of grey. It’s the price we pay for living on an island where the prevailing wind comes from the Atlantic Ocean. So, when we get a day like today, earlier in autumn, when the skies are beautifully blue and the sun shines uninterrupted from dawn until dusk, it’s a time to be enjoyed. It is not hot, for sure, the temperature is in the low sixties, but we make the best of what we have. Having driven and walked through Bristol today, many of us have.

The harbour area of Bristol could have designed purely for days like this, never mind the rich history of merchant shipping that it actually was built for. From a distance, it all looks much the same with the old buildings still standing, but carrying out different functions. It’s a vibrant social scene today where no one has to be told to smile and everyone knows just how lucky they are to live in a city as beautiful as this one. The cafe and bar culture is as enjoyable as anywhere I know.

I walked up from the harbour towards College Green and the Council House, wrongly renamed City Hall by the previous egotistical mayor, and within a few steps are youngsters and not so youngsters crashing around on skateboards, other languages (today I detected Spanish, French and American, which bears a vague resemblance to English), people old and young. Up Park Street, the blue skies blended beautifully with the magnificent Wills Memorial Building of Bristol University.

There were people reading, people eating, people drinking, people debating stuff, people laughing, people being peaceful. Suddenly, the world of the Daily Mail, where everything is broken, nothing works and the country is going to the dogs must be somewhere else. It certainly isn’t Bristol.

There is an uglier side too, one you won’t see on a Sunday. The city suffers like everywhere else with pockets of poverty, homelessness, a social care crisis, poor public transport and so on and no one is forgetting this. But on a day like this, close to perfection in British terms, you can only extremely privileged to live in a city like Bristol. Today there is literally nowhere else I would like to be.

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