Oh my God. I can’t believe what I am reading. Jeremy Corbyn didn’t sing the national anthem at today’s Battle of Britain celebration. And, according to the Sun, he’s been “blasted” for failing to join in and for wearing a jacket and trousers which were not the same colour and – just wait for this – having his top shirt button undone! I’d imagine Murdoch lickspittles were positively frothing in the mouth as they put the non story together.

I wasn’t aware there was a law which compelled one to have to sing “God Save The Queen”, either. In fact, Corbyn is in very good company because the blessed Jonny Wilkinson, whose drop kick won the rugby union world cup for England in 2003, never sang the national anthem, neither did Ashley Cole, the English left back of his generation and, in my opinion, our last world class player. And it’s such a crap song, too. We are never really informed as to what we need to save the Queen from – did she do something very bad years ago? – and the tune is more of a dirge. You want something rousing and inspiring and you get the world’s worst national anthem. I usually sing it on the rare occasions I attend an event where it’s played, but honestly I couldn’t care less when some people choose not to sing it.

As for Corbyn’s dress sense, well give me strength. Like him, I am not Britain’s best dressed man (some understatement there) but I couldn’t see anything too dreadful in what he wore. I didn’t even notice that his trousers and jacket didn’t match, but was this really the most important news at today’s commemoration? You would have thought Britain’s most popular daily newspaper might want to report on the flypast, to focus on the brave men who did so much to save this country from Nazi invasion. But not at Rupert Murdoch’s Sun. Ah yes, Rupert Murdoch, the republican who doesn’t even support the monarchy and actively opposes it. What a sick, hypocritical bunch of bullies they are.

Corbyn’s tenure as Labour leader will succeed or failure depending on how he performs in elections, not whether he sings the national anthem, or does up his top shirt button.