Just back from the Mutual Benefit gig at the Colston Hall Lantern and what a gig it was. For Mutual Benefit are not really a band at all, just Jordan Lee with the musicians of his choice. What musicians, what music.

I have no idea how to describe their music but a Guardian review from three years ago describes it as “superbly blurry, lush indie pop about life and love.” Who am I to argue with that? Compared to the gruesome gurgling of Katie Melua in the main hall, this was as near to heaven as music gets.

If you like the Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty (who used to be in the Fleet Foxes) and pretty well anyone who plays “superbly blurry, lush indie pop about life and love”, then Mutual Benefit are for you. They’re certainly for me.

I have no idea about tonight’s setlist but the one from Austin, Texas, back in September, might have been somewhere close:

Skipping Stones
Closer, Still
Statue of a Man
Lost Dreamers
Auburn Epitaphs
Moonville Tunnel
Strong Swimmer
That Light That’s Blinding
Advanced Falconry
Getting Gone
Golden Wake

Whatever, they were fucking brilliant. new music, new life.