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More fool you, kids

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More fool you, kids

I am the first to admit that my decision making in life has never been the best. I’ve got quite a lot of big ones wrong over the years but in resigning from the Labour Party, I know I was right. If I hadn’t resigned over the weekend, I’d have certainly resigned today after Jeremy Corbyn told his MPs not to support an amendment to avert a herd Brexit and to sack those who did.

I do not recall Corbyn marching to the front of the Pyramid stage at the Pilton festival, with his fans chanting his name in the manner of a top darts player, and then announcing that he was going to support a hard Brexit. Here’s what he should have said: “This country can be so much better and more equal. I know that most of you voted Labour because you bought into the illusion that we would bring you hope. Well, fuck you all. Next week, I am going to tell my MPs to support leaving the single market and the customs union and to end freedom of movement, not just for foreign people but for you, too. If you thought I was going to campaign for a soft Brexit, more fool you. If you thought I was going fight for you to have the opportunity to live, love, study, work and travel abroad, you’ve been had. You will soon realise that I have exactly the same view on leaving the EU as Theresa May. The only difference is that I have always supported leaving the EU whereas she only changed her mind last year.”

The brass neck of Corbyn sacking people for disloyalty is astounding. When he was a backbencher, Corbyn met up every week with his fellow travellers from the hard left to decide how they would vote collectively on the following week’s business. He paid no attention to whips, had no interest in following the democratic polices of the party, had no conception of what loyalty meant. Now the poacher has become gamekeeper and it’s not a good look.

As sell outs go, this is a pretty big one. Many young people saw their futures taken away by the older generation in last year’s EU referendum and saw in Corbyn a different kind of politics. He understood younger people and he would fight for them. For many, the penny has not dropped yet, but this honest, straight-talking politics is in fact the resurrection of the doomed hard left Labour policies of the 1980s. If they had known their history, Corbyn’s mentor Tony Benn hated the EU and always wanted out. There is not a cigarette paper between Benn and Corbyn policy wise. I always thought his conversion to a half-hearted leave position was just a lie. Now we know it was.

The EU leavers’ hero Nigel Farage tonight congratulated Corbyn for supporting the hard Brexit he has dreamed about. Once again, the opposites attract, the extremists get so far out, they somehow meet each other at the outer perimeters of the political scale. I loathed Kate Hoey when she took a trip on the Thames with Farage to campaign for Brexit and I loathe Corbyn for occupying the same political ground as Farage, May and every hardline Brextremist fruitcake in the land.

Soon, Corbyn’s Labour will have to abandon their current dishonest facing-both-ways on Brexit strategy that saw them pick up lots of remainer votes in the election. Perhaps then, young people will realise that the cynical old men who wrecked Labour in the 1980s are the same cynical old men want the hardest possible Brexit, just like Theresa May, just like Nigel Farage. Yes, you’ve been had, kids.

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