Tonight, I find myself nodding along with a tweet which goes, “New DUP cash must surely mean funding will be urgently reviewed for pub sector wages, schools, social care, Univ Credit across whole UK too?’ I know what you’re thinking: it’s yet another bloody extreme leftie, trying to access the magic money tree, but it isn’t. The tweet came from Heidi Allen MP of the Conservative and Unionist Party. And what’s more, she’s right.

Theresa May’s tawdry and squalid bribery deal with the DUP represents a new low in our politics. Imagine being so desperate to remain prime minister that you approach Northern Ireland’s hardline unionist party with a billion quid worth of used fivers.

Michael Fallon was sent out to bat by the Tories and he tried to pretend that this was a wonderful thing the government was doing. Northern Ireland really needed the investment in infrastructure and suddenly Theresa May found the magic money tree she had previously denied existed at all when saying that public sector parasites like nurses could piss off to the nearest food bank for all she cared. (These may not have been her actual words, but the true meaning was unmistakable.) Better still, Fallon seemed to be implying that actually those poverty stricken Northern irish folk were getting the extra £1.5 billion out of the kindness of May’s heart. It was nothing like a bribe, oh no.

Do these people think we are stupid? Well, of course they do. Politicians are always quick to condemn criminal behaviour when it involves people who aren’t politicians, but as soon as the prime minister bribes another group of politicians she is working in the national interest. Yes, bribery in the national interest. That takes some beating.

May carries on as if nothing changed in the recent election. Stripped of her overall parliamentary majority by her own breathtaking incompetence, May still attempts to bestride the British political scene like the colossus she imagined herself to be. Not even realising that in the eyes of everyone in the land, she is a fatally diminished politician. May’s delusion is every bit as bonkers as Jeremy Corbyn who parades up and down the land pretending he is the actual prime minister.

Will the British people ever get mad about anything? For years, we have been told we cannot expect properly funded schools and hospitals, that we should be grateful to get a real terms pay cut every year, that social care should be left to rot and working age benefits should be cut to the lowest paid. And then, in order to save her own job, the prime minister finds £1.5 billion down the back of the settee.

The DUP money is a criminal act in plain sight and our senses have been so badly dulled by years of politicians taking the piss (and vast sums of our money) we can’t even be bothered to complain about it. More fool us.