“I think we are in for months or years of agony” says Nigel Farage, the right wing English nationalist who literally led the campaign to take the UK out of Europe. Three years of ugly division in the country and finally we learn that Project Fear was in fact Project Reality all along.

When Farage says “we”, he means you. He’s a millionaire several times over, as are the sleaze balls with whom he aligns himself. And it won’t be his children who lose the right to free movement in Europe. He has already sorted out German passports for them.

Imagine the lying cheats from Vote Leave and Leave EU being this honest in 2016 ahead of the referendum. “Look, we aren’t really going to take back control of anything because we never lost control in the first place but vote ‘leave’ anyway because it will everyone except me poorer and you will go through months or years of agony.” For some reason, neither Farage or any of his crooked, lying colleagues said any such thing.

Whatever happened to those sunlit uplands and financial riches we were promised, if only we could raise the drawbridge to Europe and secure all those trade deals with countries around the world? But no, reality has arrived.

We are in for months and years of agony, as well as decades of decreasing living standards, declining industry and of course a divided country. When someone says, “I want the Brexit I voted for”, did that include months and years of agony? That, Brexiters, is what your hero now says.