Theresa May’s pathetic EU speech last Friday, together with her toe-curling appearance on the Andrew Marr show today, confirmed a number of things, but chiefly one. She cannot come up with a single reason – not one – why we will be better off outside the EU. She says the single market was good for us and we will now be worse off outside of it. She acknowledged that financial passporting was a critical part of our still thriving financial sector but admits we are giving it up. Worse than that, May has no idea, not even the slightest vision, of the kind of post Brexit world she would like to see.

One of the main reasons I voted remain was for the next generation and the one after that. The EU has played a vital part in maintaining a free Europe since its inception, which is no mean feat in these troubled times. Winston Churchill, a serious supporter of a united Europe on the lines of the one we are about to leave, would be turning in his grave. So, perhaps, would Margaret Thatcher who, for all her sins, saw the European single market as one of her great achievements and so it was. We hand down to our children a world which is getting less safe and more unstable by the day.

And we hand down to our children a world in which they will enjoy far less freedoms than we did. As the Observer editorial today pointed out, May has now confirmed what remoaners warned: that the young will now face hard borders, they will require work permits for EU travel, there will be vastly more bureaucracy and the state will have a far bigger say in their lives. I get no enjoy from writing this, or by saying “I told you so”, because I value far more what happens to our children and grandchildren than mere political point-scoring.

None of this has anything to do with ‘Project Fear’: it is Project Reality. The hardline Brexiters like Farage, Johnson and co lied about how the future would be so much better. They created an illusion that all that stood in our way on the way to a brighter tomorrow was the European Union. On the contrary, we are now about to step into the dark and is not just remoaners like me saying it: it’s the prime minister. The prime minister who now says to the public we will be worse off outside the single market. She confirms that we will need to create giant lorry parks in Dover. But we are going to pay a fortune to stay in some European agencies, with absolutely no say, because economically we have to.

I was unfriended by one social network ‘friend’ when I wrote that the older generation had sold the younger generation down the river and taken away the opportunities that they themselves had enjoyed. But in giving up freedom of movement, that is exactly what they did. It is not just these wretched Europeans coming over here to work, it’s those pesky Brits who might have wanted to live, love, work, study and even just travel freely across Europe who pay the price. And this time it’s not just me saying that: it’s the prime minister, Theresa May. Pity they didn’t write that on the side of their bus before the referendum. “Leave the EU and take away the life chances of your children. But don’t worry because it probably won’t affect you.” The likes of Johnson and Farage knew this to be true, they just didn’t tell us. Now May has. A bit late though, don’t you think?