This frm the BBC website:

Theresa May said it was “incredibly moving” to be at the commemorations. She said it was an honour to share the day with those veterans who took part in the battle. Calling D-Day “one of the greatest battles for freedom this world has ever known”, she praised the “raw courage” needed “to leap from landing craft and into the surf despite the fury of battle”.She also praised the bravery of French resistance fighters behind the lines. Meanwhile, the actions of a few hundred idiotic football ‘supporters’ in Porto attempt to shame the nation.

What possesses people, who are ostensibly there to watch a football match between war allies England and the Netherlands, to drink themselves senseless, brawl with local people and sing ‘Ten German bombers’ over and over again is, I’m afraid, way beyond my level of comprehension. None of them will ever read this blog but this is what I feel about them.

Those who fought and died for our freedom in World War Two deserve a better epitaph than that. The D Day commemorations were all about heroes, real heroes, who made their country proud. And they still make use proud. It is unforgivable that the actions of a few cretins could take the attention away from those for whom we should be eternally grateful. Think about that and then read the words today of President Macron:

“This is where young men, many of whom had never set foot on French soil, landed at dawn under German fire, risking their lives while fighting their way up the beach, which was littered with obstacles and mines. Nothing will break them. Nothing can ever break ties that have been bound in bloodshed and shared values.”

If you are sober, if you can actually read, then for God’s sake get a grip. Visualise the scenes from 1944. Look at the pictures of these great veterans. If you can get out of the pub, visit the war graves, any war graves. You have freedom. Do not waste it, do not abuse it.

Love must save the day. Respect those heroes of our country and remember those who gave their all. The idiots of Portugal shame our nation. Don’t let them win.