“Shame of Saint Becks” screams the Daily Hate Mail today, as it refers to a series of leaked emails allegedly sent by the great man. And no surprise that the scummy Sun runs with the same “story” too. I am not referring to the claims made in these most odious of newspapers because, quite frankly, I don’t care. Here we go again into the land of leaking and hacking, this time into the e-mail account of one of our greatest footballers.

It is David Beckham’s turn to get dissed by the media because, in their eyes, he has had things too good for too long. The good news aspects of a stellar football career, a happy and contented family life and his extensive charity work are all well and good, but let’s dig the dirt now, right?

This is not the same type of hacking as the Sun’s sister newspaper did with Milly Dowler’s mobile phone but it’s still a gross intrusion into someone else’s life. The gutter press can make a case that Beckham’s private emails are a matter of public interest, but not a very good one. We have surely all got opinions about individuals and organisations that if we made them public would see us end up in court for slander and defamation. Let s/he who is without sin cast the first stone. Why shouldn’t someone in the public eye have private opinions?

The real shame is not about David Beckham, it is about our vile tabloid media and that so many people love to read that sort of thing. It seems we have learned nothing from the hacking scandal and if the hackers get away with it, they will have won.