The country we are fast becoming was exemplified yesterday by Nigel Farage’s latest one-man ego trip, the Brexit Party. When the European Anthem was played in the EU parliament, Farage and his band of blowhards stood up and turned their backs, just like the Nazis (no relation?) did at Reichstag in 1926. Afterwards, Farage and that nasty old right wing bigot Ann Widdecombe were seen laughing uproariously at what they had done. In truth, it was horrible, it was embarrassing.

Meanwhile, on the same day in Ypres, the people of Belgium were gathering to commemorate the memory of those brave soldiers from Britain and the Commonwealth who gave their lives so others might be free. The footage of The Last Post being played was tear-jerkingly moving. It reminded me of the good that Britain and Britons can do.

Today, Farage and co didn’t even bother to turn up at the EU parliament. The great blowhard himself rarely turns up for debates or anything else, content as he has always been to draw his generous salary and expenses for doing little or no work. Farage turns up occasionally and briefly to make a speech, which he has filmed for social media, and as soon as he has finished, he’s out to dinner.

Farage and his ilk are the exact opposite to those who once made this country great. They are interested only in creating division and stirring up hatred and anger. They know nothing about history itself, or the united Europe Winston Churchill passionately believed in.

When Farage and co turned their backs, it wasn’t at some piece of recorded music. They disrespected a group of talented young musicians who had been thrilled to be offered the chance to play at such a distinguished gathering. Farage stole the show and he just doesn’t care.

This country is losing its collective mind. We are forgetting everything that once made us admired throughout the world. In searching out those sunlit uplands promised by Farage if we only pulled up the drawbridge to Europe, we are instead marching through the dark and over a cliff edge.