Britain’s worst columnist – or should that be fifth columnist? – Richard Littlejohn writes in the Mail today what things might have been like in 1940 had Jeremy Corbyn been prime minister. The article is so poor you might be forgiven for believing it had been written by someone with only a passing grasp of reality. Actually, you’d be right.

Hilariously, Littlejohn imagines Corbyn as expressing doubts that Hitler was responsible for the blitz, suggesting that it might have been carried out by rogue elements of the Luftwaffe. The whole wretched piece carries on the same dreary road. The biggest irony of all was that the Mail of the 1930s actually supported Adolf Hitler and indeed the father of Max Mosley who organised fascism in Britain.

However, this should not be seen by anyone as a defence of Corbyn. It isn’t. Corbyn, presumably under instruction of his chief spin doctor and Labour policy maker Seumas Milne, simply can’t bring himself to criticise Russia. Instead, he suggests that perhaps the nerve agents that brought terror to the streets of Salisbury might have been used by someone like the Russian mafia. It doesn’t make any difference.

If it turns out some “rogue elements” carried out the attack, it will still have been carried out with chemicals developed by the Russian state. That is a matter of fact. And the Russian state is obliged to report to the appropriate agencies any chemical materials that go missing. I suggest we are in the world of speculation here, or rather Corbyn is.

The other thing is that the Labour leader is the right honourable Jeremy Corbyn is a member of the privy council so he will have been privy to all the information the government possesses. In other words, May’s statement to the House of Commons will be on the basis of information he has been able to read. Is he disregarding the information, saying it is a lie or did he simply not understand it?

Corbyn is talking absolute tosh when he talks about the “rush to judgement”, comparing it with the Iraqi invasion of 2003. It is not even vaguely similar and anyway no one is talking of invading Russia.

Here we have the worst of all worlds. Britain led by a prime minister who is hopelessly out of her depth, a Labour leader who is essentially a pacifist and has sympathy with countries like Russia and a dog whistle media that regards facts as anathema.

Once again, we are lions led by donkeys.