The BBC website today runs a story about ‘Jihadi Jack’. His real name is Jack Letts and he’s from Oxford. Aged 18, he dropped out of school, having already converted to islam, and decided to join the islamist maniacs in Raqqa, Syria. Mr Letts has now had his UK citizenship removed which is a debate for somewhere else. My point, yet again, is why on earth anyone would create a jolly little nickname for Mr Letts like Jihadi Jack?

We have already had Mohammed Emwazi, who the media nicknamed Jihadi John on the entirely dubious grounds that he was part of a murderous ISIS cell called the Beatles. Happily, Emwazi is otherwise engaged pushing up daisies and anyway, have you ever heard of a single person in real life, which obviously excludes the gutter press, referring to him, jokingly, as Jihadi John?

Jihadi John was in effect John Lennon, a travesty by any comparison. Where Lennon wanted to ‘Give Peace A Chance’ and wished us ‘Happy Christmas (War Is Over)’, Emwazi was chopping people’s heads off. Letts was in Syria for something not a million miles removed.

Stop these stupid nicknames. These people are terrorists, they are psychopathic maniacs, they are vicious murderers. Do not respect them by giving them friendly nicknames because they deserve no respect at all.