I don’t know about you but I am sick to the back teeth of the protestors at the Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham. You know, the muslims who are opposed to their children learning about matters of LGBT. Let us call this out for what it is: homophobia. There is no place for homophobia and certainly not from a bunch of people who get their ideology from medieval mythology.

Many of the protestors do not even have children at the school and so have no business being there. They stand their with their banners, with slogans like ‘Let Children Be Children’ and ‘No violation of parental rights’ and demand to be treated differently to everyone else. We should apparently respect their faith and their opinions. This is what we call multiculturalism and it stinks.

Idiot politicians like Tory leadership hopeful (or should that be hopeless?) Esther McVey don’t help matters much by declaring that ‘parents know best’. Whether they do or not is of zero importance. Because what we have in this country – or rather what we are supposed to have in this country – is one rule, one law for everyone.

We cannot afford to lose this absurd battle. There can be no caving in on who teaches what to whom. There can be no compromise, either. If this sounds like, “If you don’t like the way things are in this country, then go somewhere else in the world that does things the way you like them”, then I am sorry, but how else can I put it? I am quite happy in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic society where everyone can enjoy practicing their own culture – and here comes the broken record section of this blog – as long as they don’t affect my life in any way whatsoever. What the protestors in Birmingham are doing affects loads of people. It has to stop.

It’s our own fault, really. We resist steps to introduce secularism across the land, where those of religion – any religion – do not have any special privileges or exemptions. We accept religious schools and then complain when having been given an inch, the devout want to take a mile. The only way to stop this madness is to end all religious schooling.

Anderton Primary School isn’t even a religious school although some of the parents and their fellow protestors seem to want to make it one. I repeat: the protestors cannot be allowed to win. In fact, they must lose. Because if they don’t lose, our society will have lost.