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Let’s boycott the world cup knock out stages

Comments Off on Let’s boycott the world cup knock out stages 13 March 2018

Let's boycott the world cup knock out stages

The Daily Mail has quickly concluded that the best way of hitting back against Russia, following its apparent poisoning of one of its spies, will be for England to pull out of the world cup. Given the prestige the world cup brings to its hosts, you can see the logic of the Mail’s thoughts. I have an even better idea, a compromise.

I am not yet convinced that we should be penalising our footballers by stopping them playing in the greatest show on earth but I suppose we have to do something to show Putin how mad we are. So how about we boycott the knock out stages?

Let’s face it, England won’t get anywhere near winning the world cup so why not engage in a bit of tokenism? We rarely get out of the group stages anyway, so if we say to Russia that are happy to take part in the group stages but that will be it, then everyone will be happy. The players will get their day in the sun, our supporters will get the opportunity of getting their heads kicked in and we can give Putin the big middle finger as we exit the tournament in the normal way.

You know it makes sense.

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