I have learned something new tonight. One of the contestants on Dancing on Ice, a show I have never seen, is called Gemma Collins who was on another show I have never seen called The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). I know literally nothing about TOWIE to the point that I don’t know whether it’s a ‘reality’ show, a drama or a sitcom. Or none of the above. Anyway, Ms Collins fell over and the internet has exploded. And not in a nice way.

Ms Collins is, as we say, of a fuller figure. I know this because of the photos posed on social networks. It was the comments that accompanied her fall to the ice that disturbed me most of all. Many of them concerned her size and not in a nice way.

The comments were along the lines of “How didn’t she destroy the ice?” and they were supposed to be amusing comments, but to me they weren’t. The whole thing was malicious.

We have an obsession, or rather the media has an obsession, with people’s size and more specifically women’s size. The conditioning process has been going on for years. Women should look a certain way, especially in magazines and newspapers. Certain newspapers, like the Daily Mail, hone in on anyone who doesn’t appear ‘perfect’, whatever perfect is. And they never tell us that many photos have been ‘touched up’. The perfect women are not perfect at all.

I regard imperfection as a good thing. Imperfection is reality, imperfection is the truth. The slinky, wafer thin model is an illusion. Gemma Collins is the real deal and as such she doesn’t deserve trolling because of the way she looks. I have no idea whether she is happy the way she looks or not. Anyway, it’s none of my business. For all I know, she is perfectly content and has a partner who feels the same way.

Some people, myself included, put on weight because we ate and drank excessively because of various mental problems. Others carry weight because of physical conditions. All these reasons are real and personal. People do not deserve abuse or ridicule for the way they look.

I’m disgusted at the low lifes who judge on who they see but know nothing about. It’s trolling, it’s abusive, it’s bullying. And I would suggest the abusers are the ones with the problems, not the abused.