In 2003, my partner and I packed off our young children to the hotel evening kids club while we went for a walk to San Antonio. We were visiting Ibiza, the white island, for the second time and we loved it there. Before we knew it, we had stumbled upon the legendary Café del Mar. We sat down and ordered our drinks – €10 for two tiny San Miguels – and listened to the music. And what music it was. Chilled ibiza. I came to love the genre, as indeed did I come to love the dance music that had previously passed me by. As the sun began to sink over the horizon, everything was in its right place.

Next to our hotel, there was a small bar called the Aquarium, so called because it was both a bar and an aquarium. On sale, were a variety of compilation albums called Café del Mar, They were curated by someone called José Padilla. I was tempted to buy a couple but not at the prices this guy was charging. I remembered José, though. He was a brilliant DJ, the resident DJ at the Café, and greatly expanded my love of music. Two days ago, Padilla died of cancer.

You will find far better obituaries than this, but the purpose of this brief blog is simply to acknowledge the passing of one of the great DJs of all time.

HIs Café del Mar albums are all brilliant and if you close your eyes when listening it’s easy to imagine being there.

Listen to this song to hear just how great he was.