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It might as well rain…

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It might as well rain...

I take absolutely no pleasure from seeing people going away for their British summer holidays, knowing that the weather will be rubbish. Even though I have long since abandoned any idea of taking my main holiday in Britain and in July and August because, and I don’t know if this is statistically true, these always appear to be the months which provide the worst weather. Once again, April, May and much of June were more than acceptable and once again as soon as July got near, the words high pressure disappeared from the TV weather charts.

This is not a new phenomenon. The hot and sunny days of my childhood were inevitably spent in classrooms at school and the cold and wet ones were in a tiny caravan somewhere, usually West Bay. I have no recollection of ever having gone to the beach in those days, probably because I didn’t. I do remember squelching around the harbour on a daily basis, wishing I was back home.

If we had the weather, we’d never go abroad, people say. Depends who you are, I suppose, but I see the attraction of England when it’s boiling hot. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see that attraction very often. I saw it when we spent a few days in Poole back in May and at home off and on since Easter. I fear that summer ended before it started.

These things usually even out. Looking pessimistically, the fine and sunny weather of the late spring and early summer was never going to last and was bound to be replaced at some point by crap and overcast weather. And that could appear to be the lot of many holidaymakers.

I know as well as anyone how bloody miserable it can be to go to a lovely British holiday park in the summer school holidays. You have to make your own entertainment or else you pay through the nose to be entertained. After plenty of those experiences, I knew it was time to do something else. I’d get so stressed peering into the gloom, getting soaked in the drizzle, wishing I was anywhere else.

I hope my friends who are headed to English seaside towns and the like get the best weather in the world. With just weeks to go, I’d be full of gloom now, expecting it to rain until September, maybe longer. Which is why, for at least two weeks of the year, I like to be somewhere guaranteed to be hot, even if the beer’s not quite so good.

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