My heart goes out to people who scrimp and save all year long, only to have their British holiday ruined by the weather. God knows I have been there myself often enough, from childhood holidays in West Bay when the sun never shone to latter day family breaks in Cornwall and spending much of the time dodging the showers.

I’m acutely aware of this when posting on social networks and especially in recent years I have refrained from posting excessively when I am on holiday for fear of being seen to show off. I know, and have known, enough people who can’t even afford a few days in nearby Brean, never mind a sunshine break in, say, Spain.

Gazing through the gloom from my Man Cave this morning, I look through my mind’s eye and see disappointed children at their caravan windows, or worse still stuck inside their cramped tents as they hope against hope that the dismal weather forecast was somehow wrong.

When my children were young, we would frequently stay in accommodation on the North Devon/North Cornwall border and when the weather was poor – this was pretty well most of the time – we would pay through the nose to visit various attractions, which should have been known as unattractions. The children were blissfully unaware of how rubbish most of the attractions were and in a rare piece of pre-blog research I discover that many, if not all, of the ones we visited no longer exist. That, I think, says something, maybe quite a lot, about how crap they were.

One particularly wet week in West Bay saw this young boy wishing we could turn back and go home virtually as we arrived. By the second day of rain and wind battering on the side of the caravan, I had had enough. My only source of entertainment was going to the nearby burger van and try to stop the burger getting wetter than I was when I splashed back to the caravan.

There will be many people across our drab and overcast land suffering the same fate today. Expecting to be wearing shorts and T shirts, most folk will be dressed in stormproof clothing with nothing to look forward to apart from, I fear, Christmas or clinging to the hope that next year’s holiday might be blessed with brighter weather. Some hope.

My thoughts are with you, friends, if you are away with the family. The one positive is that you are actually away with the family and crap though the weather is, you are probably with the people you love more than anyone else in the world. Believe me, things could be so much worse.