Barely a day goes by when I don’t pass a coffee shop. They are everywhere. At a guess, there seems to be at least one coffee shop for every single person in the land. There are even drive-through Costas which I find amazing. And I rarely, if ever, use coffee shops because a single cup of coffee costs so much.

However, I am a serious coffee addict. I doubt that I could function without at least one mug of filter coffee every day and when I am not working two or three. If I am in a rush, I will take a small flask or reusable cup. If I don’t have time to brew half a pot of coffee, I use a coffee bag. If I go to work, I take coffee bags with me. What I rarely do is to go into a coffee shop.

Part of the reason is that using the Costas of this world is so expensive. I am not 100% sure of the prices these days but I don’t think you get a coffee for much less than three quid these days. But if I make my own coffee at home, it costs considerably less and it is, in my view, much nicer. I can go to Asda or Morrisons and buy a couple of bags of filter coffee for about a fiver. One bag will last me many weeks. So I have better coffee, I have it when I want it and I damage the environment far less than your average coffee shop.

If you watched the recent Blue Planet 2 series on the BBC, I would not be surprised if it got you to thinking, as it did me. Seeing our oceans, and animals who live in them, being destroyed by human-produced rubbish was a wake up call of nuclear proportions. Even my limited use of coffee shops, with their non-recyclable cups, left me uneasy. Now, I am not going to use them at all.

I can see the attraction of the Costas and Starbucks of this world. A good cup of coffee is one of the great things in life. I could afford to use Costa on my way to visit someone but why bother? In five minutes, I can prepare my own lovely coffee at a fraction of the cost and use my drinking vessel over and over again. I suppose the coffee shop revolution is a mere continuation of the fast food business where we want everything and we want it now. To me, a good coffee is one to be savoured. And it tastes so much better when I make it myself and save a small fortune.