I got a letter of apology from the British Red Cross CEO Mike Adamson for the upset caused to me whilst in their employ. This was not an apology for the bullying and abuse I received. Indeed, Mr Adamson accepted the whitewash report compiled by a management friend of the main bully who did not ask for my own comments, nor speak with former colleagues who saw some of what went on. His letter is marked “private and confidential”, so unless something dramatic happens, I’ll respect his wishes which benefit the British Red Cross and not me. But I have enough closure now. However, I am going to write about the type of bullying I received and the abuse I suffered from other members of staff.

Don’t worry, Big Bully. I am not going to mention you by name. However, I know you know all about this website and when I publish, you will know exactly what and whom I am writing about. Unless you are in complete denial – and I would not put it past you – you will know I am not lying and you will know that you most definitely were.

I don’t hate my main bully. I pity the person. I feel sorry for someone who feels the only way they can achieve control of someone is by a variety of different types of bullying. For a time this person achieved control of sort, making my life hell and knowing full well what they were doing. I am not coming after this person – in fact, I hope I never see them again – but I want them to know that despite their best efforts I’m still standing.

I am going to publish extracts of what happened to me because I want others to know it can happen to them. I want others to spot the signs long before I did. And I want the person concerned to reflect on their actions and treat people right in future.