In the absence of any obvious public declaration as to where her political interests lay, I tweeted Naomi Rylatt who is standing for Labour in the general election in Filton and Bradley Stoke to ask if she was a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. This was her reply:

“If you are asking if I voted for Corbyn I did indeed and I love the manifesto that has come out today.”

Here are two reasons why I will not be voting Labour in the coming general election and why you, if you have the long term interests of the Labour Party at heart, should not vote Labour in the Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency.

The first point to bear in mind is that Jeremy Corbyn is leading, if leading is the right word, Labour to a disastrous defeat. Don’t take my word for it: read the comments from trade union fixer Len McCluskey who has said as much. Len views success as being a Tory majority of 80 which is a very odd view of success in my book, failure judged as success. Genius.

Corbyn has been a terrible leader for Labour. He has been quite incapable of holding the Tories to account since his election, the vast majority of his comrades know as well as we do that he could not be more unsuited to the job as Labour leader. He is a terrible speaker, he can’t think on his feet. The only committee he ever served on was the housing committee in Haringey council in the 1970s, he chaired the odious Stop the War SWP front organisation, he has voted against Labour more often than David Cameron. Oh – and did I mention he is leading Labour to a disastrous defeat on 8th June?

Next, the manifesto. Don’t give me all that “it’s been fully costed” tosh. Costed by whom? Diane Abbott? it’s not a manifesto for government, it’s a wish list of spending money; more of a Hugo Chavez project than a serious attempt to run our country. Naomi “love(s) the manifesto” which, I suspect will not be quite how the majority of electorate will see things in a few weeks time. Doubtless we will still get Corbyn addressing packed rallies all over the land, giving the illusion to his cult following, and the likes of Ms Rylatt (who probably knows better but daren’t say so) that somehow the opinion polls are wrong and the old boy will soon be marching along Downing Street. Come on comrades: it was never going to happen, AS YOU KNOW.

There are two golden rules for the election:

1) Vote for the candidate who is the most pro EU, anti-Brexit candidate but
2) Don’t vote for a Corbynista

Labour’s policy on the EU was to remain and to remain in the single market and customs union. Under Corbyn. Labour supported Theresa May’s suicidal hard brexit and I, as a keen remoaner, will never forgive him for so doing. If we are to leave the EU – and I still hope that we won’t – we need to remain in the single market and the customs unions AND we need to retain free movement, something Corbyn’s Labour now reject. Incredible.

In Filton and Bradley Stoke, I am between a rock and a hard place. It’s between a useless Tory MP, Jack “Shagger” Lopresti and, well, Shagger. Labour won’t even come close, their candidate being a Corbynista, one Naomi Rylatt. I’d never vote Tory but I am not voting for a Corbynista, either. I may end up voting “none of the above” because no one is speaking for me.

I’ve already written to the Labour Party inviting them to expel me, if they want to, but all I get in return is begging letters from the sainted Jeremy asking me to give them money.

Labour is about to get slaughtered in a general election. This is thanks mainly to Ed Miliband who allowed non members to pay £3 and elect a joke candidate like Corbyn, and the MPs who put Corbyn on the ballot paper. Oh – and the people who subsequently elected him.

For the hipsters and the chattering classes who adore Corbyn, Labour’s impending defeat will be of little significance. For those who depend on a Labour government to improve their lives, it will be a different story. And that, for me, is the saddest thing of all.