Last week, the Sun ‘newspaper’ sought to sell more copies on the back of a family tragedy, deep in the past of a national sporting hero. Today, we learn that ‘journalists’ from a well-known ‘newspaper’ confronted the elderly parents of another national sporting hero to inform them he was HIV positive. If you buy these newspapers, you are, clearly and unambiguously, condoning the actions of the newspapers. But what if this was your life?

What if your elderly parents were doorstepped by someone who then told you your son was HIV positive? What if your elderly parents were confronted by a hack who had dug up a family tragedy from over three decades ago? Right out of the blue, no prior notice. “What do you think of this, love? We’re going to print this story. Any thoughts?”

These people have no principles. That’s the ‘journalists’, the editor, the ‘newspaper, the publisher, the owner. They are inseparable. The local jobbing hack or Rupert Murdoch. Two cheeks of the same arse.

If you think this is journalism, in the public interest and you want to read about this, I feel very sorry for you. And you are literally no better than the media vultures who dine out on the personal lives and the tragedies of others.