I must confess that I am not an expert on the life of Katie Price. Wikipedia describes her as an ‘English television personality, model, author, singer, designer and businesswoman.’ I learn from the same site that Ms Price has written six autobiographies, as well as eleven novels and countless children’s books. Additionally, she has made pop records, launched lines in nutritional items and clothing. On the face of it, Mr Price must be the most talented woman in the land, right?

She must have something going for her talent-wise, at least in the business department. I do not follow ‘celebrity stories’ in the newspapers or magazines so all I know about Price is that she was paid for baring her surgically enhanced breasts in the newspapers and then appeared on ‘reality TV shows’. She’s in the news again today regarding her disabled son Harvey, who she is apparently considering putting into care. That’s surely a matter for her and her alone. I am not clear as to why it’s a big story across the media.

As a fellow human being, Price has my sympathy and indeed support for the life she leads bringing up her son. I know nothing beyond what I see on the television, but it is quite clear she is an impassioned spokeswoman for the child she loves. Quite why she parades her son on television, I have no idea and no right to comment. I can just switch off. However, if he were my son, I would be doing the maximum possible to protect him from the feral red top media. I can’t help but think she is fanning the flames of publicity, which, it seems, is how she became famous in the first place.

That she is considering the possibility of putting her son into care is as sad as it is none of my business. Others might question the wisdom of Price having a further four children after giving birth to her child, given the complications that might cause. I could not care less.

One argument I have heard about Price is that she needs to keep in the media spotlight in order to preserve her fame, given her inherent lack of talent. But how could someone with so little talent be such a prolific author and have achieved so much that she requires six volumes of memoirs in order to tell us the whole story? I think we know really, don’t we, and that talent is often an add-on rather than a requirement these days.

I just wish Price well. I hope her life pans out as she wants it to and most of all I hope I don’t have to read any more about it.