Everything has been deferred until next year. Holidays, gigs, major sporting events; basically everything that can’t be done this year because of that sodding virus. Many of us are booking holidays for August 2021 because we know they won’t happen in August 2020. I’m not so sure things will be that much different next year.

One reason I am not confident about the next year is government misinformation. Let’s look at the evidence:

  • Matt Hancock tells us the two new COVID-19 tests that will tell us within 90 minutes whether someone is infected will “transform the war” against the virus. But no one knows yet whether it works, or even who’s making it.
  • In March, we were told mass antibody testing would soon be available. How long is soon?
  • The pathetic failure over testing
  • Johnson’s “world-beating” and “world class” apps and track and trace systems. The app was abandoned a while ago, track and trace, at the cost of £10 billion, is anything but world-beating or world class. It’s barely functioning.
  • And of course the vaccine which the Mail says will be rolled out before Christmas, but it won’t be. We don’t even know if any vaccine will succeed or whether it will be 100% or even 50% successful.

There’s much more where that lot came from and so much more that suggests next summer might be little different from this summer, with spikes of the virus from time to time and lockdowns all over the place.

It’s looking increasingly unlikely that if you have had the virus once you won’t get it again. Emerging evidence suggests you just might get it again and if you had it bad last time, God knows what state your body will be in if it has to withstand another attack.

I wouldn’t say that we’re getting blasé about the virus, not all of us, anyway. But many of us are doing things we wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing a few short weeks ago. From my point of view, I’ve gone to a few pubs, gone to a restaurant, taken the train and taken the bus. And I do it with my eyes wide open. I know going on public transport and visiting pubs and restaurants is high risk. After all this time of being locked up, many of us are thinking, “Sod it. I know this might not end well and going for a pint dramatically increases my chances of being infected, but I can’t live the rest of my life – which might not be all that long if I catch the sodding thing – locked up in a room.”

Barring a miracle – and miracles don’t happen in real life – the odds of 2021 being an action, or should that be inaction, replay of 2020 must be high. As ever, the level of my ambition is little more than still being alive this time next year. The idea that things will be back to the old normal are for the birds.