One of the many things I loathe about the Ukip leaning Daily Express is how it gives false hope to people who have none. Today, for example, they refer to a “wonder drug to treat cancer” with the story of a 60 year old man who has apparently been cured of a type of cancer by pioneering treatment. I heard the experts describe the new treatment on the radio and I must confess the detail is well beyond my pay grade. They also said that it did not work for everyone, indeed many patients were not suitable, even for testing.

The headline gives the impression that there is a cure for all cancer because, the Express will probably argue, there is no room in the headline for any type of qualification. “New drug which may help some cancer sufferers sometime in the future once testing has been completed and the NHS has given the go ahead for it to be widely used, which will probably be years away, even if it works” is unlikely to be the snappy headline the handful of remaining Express readers will be able to understand.

The story of Bob Berry, for it is he, is an uplifting and joyous story. He had lots of lung cancer and now he has none. To date, we know that his cancer is on the run, we hope it doesn’t come back and that scientists and doctors are working flat out to cure all forms of cancer because let’s not forget that there are many different types.

If you are lying in hospital and read that there is a new miracle cure for cancer, it might give you new hope. If you read the full story, preferably from a more reputable source than the Express, you might have none. Is it too much to ask that so called responsible newspapers print facts about such serious stories instead of trying to grab cheap headlines that have only a limited grasp of the truth?