Rather than voluntarily leave the Labour Party, I have today written to it to invite them to expel me. I have always been a Labour man, I thought I would always be a Labour man. Labour stands, or rather stood, for everything I believe in, mainly providing a parliamentary voice for the working classes. Sadly, under its current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, Labour now believes the best way to represent working class people is to be in permanent opposition, enabling the Tories to do whatever they like. And it’s Corbyn’s Labour which has persuaded me to suggest that expulsion might be the way forward.

I have said to the party that I shall not be supporting Labour’s candidate Lesley Mansell in the forthcoming West of England mayoral election. It is not just that she is uniquely unqualified to hold this position, given that she is a parish councillor in Radstock, but because she is a strong supporter of Corbyn.

As well as informing Labour that I cannot bring myself to vote for Mansell, I have said that I shall do my best to convince others not to support her candidature. My conscience tells me that political opposition of the type practiced by the hard left, which is to say no credible opposition at all, fails the working classes. Corbyn and his comrades do not merely represent an extreme left wing viewpoint, they are utterly incompetent. Furthermore, his associations with various terror groups, including the murderous IRA, mean I cannot square the political circle. His support for Theresa May’s hard Brexit was a new low, damning the people he purports to represent to a lower standard of living and growing insecurity and uncertainty about the future.

I suspect Labour has bigger fish to fry than to spend any amount of time on whether I deserve to remain a member of the people’s party. In all honesty, I have no idea why I remain in the party which is run by the likes of Corbyn, John McDonnell and – don’t titter at the back – Diane Abbott. These people regard anyone even slightly to the right of them political as class traitors, something that is pretty rich coming from a group of middle class comrades, most of whom went to Grammar schools and, in the case of some of the major figures, including Corbyn himself, saw their own children packed off to Grammar or even private schools.

Bad opposition means bad government and looking at the state of the Tories, we now have the worst government in our history. Desperate times require desperate measures and my desperate measure is to abandon Labour in the polling booth until things get better, which they won’t for as long as the Corbynistas run the party. I’m probably far too working class to be a Labour member anyway these days, given that all the main players live among and represent the chattering classes of London.