When Prince Harry says no one in the Royal Family wants to be king or queen, you can believe him.”Is there any one of the Royal Family who wants to be king or queen? I don’t think so,” he told Newsweek. We do it, he added, “for the greater good of the people”. He probably does too. I know the Queen does.

The boy still looks troubled to me and we can all see why. He lost his mother in an horrendous car crash in 1997. Who wouldn’t be troubled after that? Then he grows up within a dysfunctional family a million miles away from the real world.

I still remember that day in 1997 when we woke up to the news that Princess Diana had been killed. Before her death, Diane had become a hate figure with certain figures in the media, some of whom were highly critical of her numerous holidays through the summer. I remember people saying what a disgrace it was that she was leaving her boys with various nannies in order to gallivant around the world with the playboy son of an Egyptian billionaire. That all changed on 31 August after which the country, or much of it, went mad.

In the days following the accident, the royal family were forced to appear in front of the public by a screaming mass media which demanded they share the pain of the people. To that end, Prince Harry, all of 13 years of age, was sent on the streets of London, alongside his 15 year old brother William to join a procession. Not only had he been forced to endure a messy divorce between Diana and Prince Charles, he now had to deal with her death in public. It was disgusting.

Harry is part of a movement to modernise the royal family and not before time. Not only was he forced to step into the public glare as a bereaved child, no one in his family appeared to have noticed the possible psychological implications of such a bereavement. So, this young man appears to have had no meaningful counselling or therapy since his mum died. No wonder the royal family needs modernising. What the hell was Charles doing all this time? Did it not occur to him that his sons might be traumatised and damaged? Given the money we pay for the royal family, do they not have any support mechanisms? I know that mental health remains the Cinderella health service, grossly underfunded and unavailable to so many people who need it. It just comes as a surprise to learn that an heir to the throne was just left to get on with it. “Pull yourself together!”

If the truth be known, I’m an apathetic republican, in that I don’t really have a lot of time for the royal family as a concept, there are other priorities in our country and most people like the monarchy. But I do like the young princes. Yes, I know they have, and will always have, non jobs now that they have finished with the military but they seem to put their available time to good causes such as the Invictus Games and mental health.

Luckily, when the Queen finally dies, the man described by the late Christopher Hitchens as a “slobbering, weak chinned dauphin of a son”, Prince Charles, will assume the throne and not Harry. In the meantime, I hope Harry and William can carry on trying to make the royal family appear more relevant than it currently is and that no one has to suffer like he did back in 1997, something I suspect continues to have a damaging effect on his life.