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Horsing around

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Horsing around

I posted on Facebook today the news that the government might need to postpone the Queen’s Speech due to the government’s coalition with the charmers of the DUP and furthermore the difficulties that might be presented by a delay. The main difficulty would be the Queen herself who is highly booked up in the next few weeks, not least with Royal Ascot. I was making a sarcastic point about the Queen giving priority to a bit of horse racing over matters of state. It turns out that everyone who replied, not all of them fanatical royalists, were in full support of our Liz and, having actually thought about it, I think they are right.

It was not the Queen’s fault that Theresa May called her reckless general election, putting the interests of the Tory Party ahead of those of the country, just like her predecessor David Cameron did by calling a referendum on EU membership. A quick look at the sporting calendar would have given May a clue as to what was happening and when. I am now firmly of the view that her majesty should indeed go to the racing.

It will not matter a great deal if The Big Speech is put back a week or so because May has already wasted seven weeks since triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by saying over and over again how “strong and stable” she was. The fact that we now have around 18 months instead of two years to carry out what will effectively be 10 years of negotiations with the EU will hardly make a scrap of distance to the overall outcome.

And what will the Queen’s Speech be, anyway? The Queen will attend the houses of parliament and read out verbatim something a civil servant or party apparatchik has prepared for her. Given that May cocked up her election campaign, we are not really in any rush to hear what the policies are since she will have the most difficult job trying to shove them through parliament. For all the difference it will make, she might as well wait until September.

I can bet what the Queen’s preference will be. “Nigh let’s see Philip: would one prefah to gay to Ascot or the Hises of parliament to read ight some rubbish I daint nay the first thing abight?” “Come on old gal. Let’s get in the carriage.”

May apologised today to her defeated MPs for, as she might have put it, “fucking up”. Once she’s apologised to the country for fucking up the country, she might wish to have a word with the Queen and apologise for cocking up her schedule, too.

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