One of Boris Johnson’s golden rules of politics is to leave all the bad news announcements to his underlings. Today’s bad news has been delegated to George ‘Useless’ Eustice. His message is simple: people should holiday at home this year and not travel abroad unless absolutely necessary.

Naturally, Useless doesn’t go as far as to say people cannot go abroad this year. That’s not the modus operandi of Johnson’s clown car government. Instead, his advice to people is to “holiday at home” this year, adding “I have no intention of travelling or going on a holiday abroad this year.” This gives the impression that it will be up to individuals to make their decisions this year and not that of the government. He’s not lying but he is being economical with the truth, as per usual.

I just wish the government would come clean and be open with us. Will there be a time in 2021, or even next year, when we will be able to go on holiday abroad? None of this ‘my advice is to stay at home this year”. Either tell us we can or we can’t. My feeling is that the likes of George Useless are cancelling our holidays by stealth, by pretending ‘it’s not my fault, guv. You can still go on holiday, although it will cost you more to get COVID tests, you will have to travel without insurance because no company in their right mind will insure you and we still stick you in a hotel at a cost of nearly ¬£2000 a person if your destination turns red while your away.”

Johnson himself will probably leading press conferences again when things look brighter, when we can go on holiday again next year, just like they said last year. Until then, expect more bullshit from the likes of George Useless and don’t expect to be going abroad until 2022. At the earliest.