I’m still waiting to hear from the Labour Party to see if they are going to expel me for not supporting the Corbynista candidate Lesley Mansell in the forthcoming West of England Metro Mayor election. But I am going to give them further food for thought if they choose another Corbynista to stand in the now Tory safe seat of Filton and Bradley Stoke.

The 2015 general election gave me an easy choice: the excellent Ian Boulton, a passionate, campaigning Labour councillor versus Jack “Shagger” Lopresti. If MPs were elected on ability, Boulton would have strolled it. Instead, the constituency elected the buffoon candidate and on 8th June, Lopresti will win again.

In a way, it doesn’t matter how I vote. I am 100% certain that we are about to witness a Tory landslide of biblical proportions, regardless of anything that is put in their way before the big day. If Corbyn was to rescue a baby from in front of an oncoming express train, after saving a drowning pensioner, people would still think him useless at the one thing he is supposed to be good at.

I remain horrified at the prospect of voting Lib Dem because they enabled David Cameron’s austerity, the bedroom tax and – yes – the tripling of university tuition fees, but could needs must? With May and Corbyn both strong supporters of a hard Brexit, could I be tempted to lend my vote to the only national party pledged to oppose said hard Brexit?

I know that many people voted leave to stop free movement and immigration, but I am not sure they voted to make themselves poorer, well not all of them. I don’t remember being asked if I wanted to leave the single market or the customs union -in fact everyone, including Ukip, promised that wouldn’t happen.

A vote for Labour is, for the first time in my life, not a given. What, I will need to know, is the point of voting Labour?

If the electorate did not see Ed Miliband as a potential prime minister, what will they make of Corbyn? Do you really need to think about that one for more than a second?

My god, I’m a floating voter, sort of. My heart says Labour, my head says don’t know. Maybe I won’t stand or I’ll run as an independent? Maybe pigs will fly. It’s all about hard or soft for me. If you know what I mean.