Still wishing everyone a happy new year, hoping that we’ll all get on better together and respect the views of others? Dream on, then, after what I have seen and heard on the radio, telly and on-line. Things just got a whole lot nastier.

Anna Soubry, the backbench Tory MP, was today once again viciously abused by hard right Brexiters. Owen Jones, the left wing political activist was today abused by hard right Brexiters. The sounds were loud, the scenes were ugly. You feel, watching the footage, that someone is going to get hurt soon, or worse. It reminded me of what happened to Jo Cox MP.

The BBC laughably, pathetically referred to the abuse coming from both sides. As I recall, some 750,000 people marched peacefully in London not that long ago. No violence, no threats. These hard Brexiters are at it all the time. It’s a one way street.

Look, I am very open on what I say about Brexit and those who are leading it. It’s English nationalists alongside small state hard right capitalists who want Brexit. That is not to say that everyone who supports leaving Europe is an English nationalist or a small state hard right capitalist, but that’s the aim of the authors – the so called bad boys – of Brexit. They know we never lost our sovereignty, that we have always maintained our borders, that we always had control of our laws, so they told big fat black lies.

Now the ghastly consequences of Brexit are becoming clear, the divisions are greater. The extremists of the right – and I have to say the left – see Brexit as representing their biggest opportunity in their lifetimes for changing the country. A low tax, zero public service country or Venezuela. What a choice? Can’t we have the country we had before June 2016?

Yes, have a great new year, folks, but tell your hardline Brexit friends they are not helping matters. In fact, they’re making things a whole lot worse.