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Hang your head

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Hang your head

My trilogy of blogposts about Theresa May ends with the gutlessness of those who surround her. Not her husband who rushed to embrace her following her car crash of a speech but those cabinet colleagues, especially Johnson, who sat by when an alleged comedian invaded May’s space to present her with a pretend P45.

Boris Johnson was actually approached by the alleged comedian just before he made his way to the stage to hand said P45 to May. Who did he think this bloke was? My guess is that Johnson was so far up his own arse, the supreme narcissist that he is, that he didn’t think about him at all. “Boris is Boris” as his apologists, like May, have been known to say. That’s not good enough.

Set aside everything else and think about what happened. A comedian I have never heard of – I am old, after all – managed to acquire accreditation which enabled him to be right in front of May when she made her speech. If he had been Stephen Paddock or Thomas Mair, who murdered Jo Cox, we might have seen the prime minister killed live on network television.

The alleged comedian’s intervention seemed to go on for a long time. It may have been seconds but it felt much longer. It was in full view of all these people and none of them did anything. Would you not, if someone was behaving strangely as this man was, have intervened? I am not sure that anyone in the real world, a million miles away from your average politician, would have hesitated to question what this man was up to. I really don’t get it. My reaction in life is always to question what doesn’t appear to be right. If some random bloke is wandering around, in front of the cabinet, next to the prime minister, waving around a P45 and acting in a strange manner, would you just let him get on with it? I’m not sure I would. Which brings me back to Johnson.

We know that Johnson is full of wind and piss. His main concern would have been to look as supportive as possible when May made her speech. His main motive is to replace her. He did not intervene when a potential madman was at loose: it didn’t occur to him. His eye was on tomorrow’s papers. Seriously: if a much loved colleague was apparently at risk right in front of you, wouldn’t you act to protect her/him? If you live in a world semi, maybe fully, detached from the rest of humanity, as it appears the likes of Johnson seem to do, and all you think about is you, then maybe caring about someone is not something you even think about.

In the unlikely event of finding myself next to the PM during her Big Speech, if said random bloke appeared from left field, wielding I know not what, I am pretty sure I would have instinctively rugby tackled him. That people didn’t leaves me baffled.

Where were you, Johnson, and the other cowards of the Tory Party? Happily for her family, May is alive and kicking tonight, at least physically. You didn’t stop the invader, did you? Gutless, chinless wonders. Hang your head in shame, Johnson.

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