Only death saved Princess Diana from a major escalation of the hatred that was spewing from the media in the summer of 1997. “The people’s princess,” as Tony Blair memorably described her, was one of the most loathed people in the land until her fatal trip across Paris. The press in particular went after her with a vengeance. I fear that the same press is behaving in a similar way to Diana’s son Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

The usual suspects are in action, which is to say the Sun, Mail, Express, Mirror and Star, and it’s like they want blood. Jet off on holiday and the wrath of the red tops are upon them. Decide to only have two children and guess what? Meghan guest edits a magazine and – well, you know the rest.

It can only be that Prince Harry has committed the ultimate sin of marrying someone of colour. Prince William and Kate Middleton attract no such bile and despite, his associations with a creepy sex offender, Prince Andrew gets all the benefit of any doubt that exists. If I was Harry, I would be thinking, “Is this worth it?”

Harry will be more aware of the excessive media interest than anyone in the land. After all, it contributed greatly to the death of his mother. What if he wakes up one morning and says to Meghan: “I can’t be having this anymore. Let’s leave public life altogether and get away from this hate.”

There is every sign that the media storm is building, rather than abating, against Meghan and Harry. If they choose to carry on, who is to say that tabloid readers will follow where the editors lead? Indeed, newspapers like the Sun insist, with some justification, that they actually reflect the views of their readers, in which case God help the young royals.