I am at a complete loss to understand why prime minister Dominic Cummings has launched a new multimillion pound campaign titled, ‘Get Ready For Brexit’. How can you get ready for something that literally happened on 31st January 2020 when we left the European Union? Presumably, Cummings wants to get a bit more mileage from the Brexit he was central to bringing about in 2016 or maybe he thinks that as we are still in the transitional period after having left the EU he’s decided to remind us of just how shit things are going to be from next year? Either way, if we all thought the endless chatter about Brexit was all over, then think again: we’ve only just begun.

Having lost the argument over the EU with the lying right wing nationalist wing nuts of UKIP and the populist European haters of the Tory party, I was hoping that instead of keeping the country divided the government might at last seek to unify us all. I will never change my view that leaving Europe – which in truth is exactly what we voted to do – will be a mistake of gargantuan proportions and a catastrophic act of self-harm for the UK, especially our young people but it’s done now. The debate, such as it is, revolves solely around what kind of future beyond Brexit we have, not whether we have one at all.

I was hoping for a close future arrangement, maintaining membership of the single market and customs union and perhaps a different form of free movement. Dominic Cummings, the agent of chaos and destruction, doesn’t want that. Instead, New Year’s Day of 2021 will see a seismic rupture of our relationship with Europe where everything will be worse and more expensive. Could not Cummings and his deputy Boris Johnson come up with something that would see the 48% being able to live with Brexit, as well as the 52% who wanted to pull up the drawbridge? Clearly not.

I have spoken with many people who think we are already living in the post Brexit world, believing that the current situation under the transition agreement is how things will always be, the only difference being we have left Europe. I get the impression, too, that they’d quite like it if things carried on as they are. No one has yet seen a single benefit of ‘taking back control’, which was always a lie, but the very act of leaving the EU, which, I repeat, we have already done was enough. But now, the fun begins.

We are told the UK is close to securing a free trade deal with Turkey, which will mean inevitably that Turkish citizens will be entitled to live and work in the UK, unlike those wretched residents from the EU27. This will come as a surprise to those who bought into Vote Leave’s lie that Turkey was about to join the EU, meaning that we’d be overwhelmed with Turkish migrants. In fact, one of our first trade deals will be with Turkey. Goodbye free movement with Europe, hello free movement with Turkey.

A loose Norway Plus deal would have done it for me. We’d be outside the EU but we could still trade freely and travel and work within it. Cummings, along with Johnson, Michael Gove and all the other shysters have ensured that won’t happen.

So, the open sore that is Brexit remains to fight another day. We leave with no deal after the transition period ends but we will still have to negotiate a deal with Europe.

Believe me when I say I want this Brexit stuff to go away. I lost, I’m trying to get over it, I want a united country which will require some compromise from everyone. Sadly, we live in a place where our so called leaders thrive on division. It’s the winners who can’t seem to get over it, preferring to rub our noses in it. But that’s what ‘we’ voted for when we returned Boris Johnson to Downing Street. It’s our fault, really. We can blame the liars for lying and although a lot of the liars were never elected by anyone, enough of them were. By us.