“Looking Good…”

When I have too much time on my hands, I find myself railing against some of the tosh I see on social networks. I have long been a grouch when it comes to selfies. Selfies are usually either people who like to share the fun they are having or people who absolutely love themselves. Now I hate selfies for a simple reason: I always look like I am suffering from Bells Palsy whenever I am photographed. I am not the only one but at least I am aware.

A selfie appears and someone will inevitably say, “Looking good”. I appreciate this is an entirely subjective view. Beauty is, unquestionably, in the eye of the beholder. One person’s self-adulation is another person’s “Ugh!”

If selfies are not bad enough, there’s attention-seeking. A vague, slightly concerning Facebook post will always elicit replies such as “What’s up, hun?” to which the correct reply is “PM me.” In which case, why give the world some cryptic clue about something you are not actually prepared to share with the rest of the world?

Then, there are terms that should be banned. When someone posts a food item and adds, “Nom nom nom” a small child dies. And when the non-word “holibob” is used the entire family dies with it. Cliff Richard did not go on a summer holibob, did he?

I do realise that Facebook is not real life. When people say they had an amazing, great or awesome weekend, it’s more likely that they had a nice weekend. And it’s important people realise that. Generally speaking, our lives are much of a muchness and if we believe everything on social networks, we might, wrongly, conclude that everyone else is having a better time than us. Don’t you believe it.

It’s certainly not against the law to love yourself but, particularly if you are a man of a certain age, please don’t share pictures of yourself in any kind of state of undress. It’s not big and it’s not clever and it’s certainly not very nice.

Treat social networks as just a bit of fun and you won’t get as worked up as I do about them.