There were over 5000 new cases of Female Genital Mutilation in Britain last year, about a third of them Somali women and girls and 112 British born females. 5000? There shouldn’t be one.

In a civilised country, which we are supposed to be, we should wake up to the fact that FGM is child abuse on steroids. I will spare those of you the true and ghastly realities of FGM but rest assured it is utterly barbaric and vile. We need to talk about FGM.

I am as opposed to child abuse as the next woman and man. It’s immoral, it’s wrong, if you commit it, you should be held at her majesty’s pleasure for the rest of your natural, certainly in FGM cases. I do not care if it is an old tradition. So was slavery and we don’t recommend that anymore, do we, apart from at Sports Direct?

If I was walk up to you brandishing a knife and removed part of your body, the odds are I would be banged up and probably certified. That is what should be happening to the FGM perpetrators and their accomplices by whom I mean anyone who happened to be around when it was committed and didn’t do anything about it.

Generally speaking, I have no objection to people coming to this country to work hard and play by the rules and live within our culture. Cutting a girl’s genitals is, I would suggest, not part of another culture which we would ever embrace.