Fat lip

by Rick Johansen

One thing you need to guard against as you lurch unsteadily into the final stages of your life is railing about modern life. I have experienced it from family members and senior folk in general. Today’s music is terrible and no one will remember it in ten years, my grandad probably will have almost certainly said about popular beat combo outfits like his most hated Rolling Stones, or those “long-haired yobs” like The Beatles. Hmm. Whatever happened to them? People left their front doors open all the time and there were no burglars because we were a community, you see. It’s all gone now because of the permissive society. As soon as people started shagging more, we lost our moral compass. No one shagged when we were young, they say. Except that people did. They just didn’t mention it to anyone. It’s something I feel the need to avoid.

I rather enjoyed the freedoms and opportunities offered by the permissive society and although I could and should have behaved more respectfully at times, particularly towards women, I feel I have ended up a better person than I started out being. That said, there can still be times when I launch into the “kids of today” stuff.

I am appalled by the number of people who vape and those who still smoke. The latter makes you die younger and more painfully, the former we don’t yet know enough about, but it’s a gamble. Either way, it’s pleasure-seeking turning into addiction. I can express my disgust by conveniently forgetting my own smoking habit which I finally broke 30 years ago. That was, of course, different. Yeah, right. Live and let die, I say now.

It’s probably the same with face and lip fillers (dermal fillers). I am not an expert in the field of face and lip fillers. I just think they look awful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the singer Ray Stevens put it in his 1970 hit single, Everything Is Beautiful, with the words “Everybody’s beautiful in their own way“, but then he goes and spoils it all by saying something stupid like, “Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in his sight.”

They make people, women in particular, look like ducks, I said, dismissively. But I got a verbal kicking for that by someone close to me who pointed out that actually the kids, and adults of today engage in fillers because they think it looks great, as do their friends and, dare I say it, lovers. It’s a modern thing that wasn’t around when I was young – a bit like inside toilets, colour TVs and central heating – and I just need to get over myself.

In any event, people are not having lip and face fillers to attract old farts like me and if, for some unlikely reason, they are, then something has clearly gone wrong, not with their lips so much as their brains.

In a way, it’s just another type of fashion and anyone who knows me realises that I am not a dedicated follower of fashion. Having worn jeans and T shirts for a lifetime, I am not really a fit and proper person to criticise the appearance of others.

I genuinely do believe that everyone’s beautiful in their own way, although I draw the line when thinking about myself, avoiding every mirror I possibly can. I will never really get why beautiful people want to make themselves less beautiful by engaging in weird filler activity, but then again it’s none of my business and I really should keep my opinions to myself. And there’s no fart worse than an old fart, apart, perhaps, from a particularly eggy one.


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