I read in the local press that Bristol Rovers’ striker Ellis Harrison has been in hot water for going to watch Bristol City’s away match at Cardiff City. Not only that, he had the brass neck to sit with the visiting fans. What a disgrace. Shame on him, put him on the transfer list. He has to go. Doesn’t he?

Well, no, he shouldn’t, actually. He’s gone with a mate to watch a football match, that’s all. He has not been arrested for being blind drunk and hitting someone round the head with, say for example, a wine bottle. He hasn’t been accused of even the most minor criminal offence, unless you count watching a football match that includes your local rivals an offence of any kind.

Some people forget one simple fact about players: they are usually fans, too, but not of the teams they play for. Jamie Cureton is a Manchester United fan, not a Gashead, Marcus Stewart is a City fan. They are mostly professional players, plying their trade for the employer that pays them the most money and gives them the best contract. Of course they want to score goals and win matches for their employers. That’s because footballers have a winning mentality and they will normally always give of their best. They may even wear the team’s scarf at a cup final, but then who wouldn’t?

Those of us who support the team, it’s different for us. If there were reports that a group of old Tote Enders had gone to sit with the City boys in Cardiff, I think some questions might have been asked, although not by me – I’d be too terrified!

“Footballer watches football match” is probably not the most interesting headline of the year and quite frankly I couldn’t care less what Harrison does on his night off. If people really do think he should not have attended the game, I suggest they get out more, or maybe less; just stay at home and don’t be so silly.