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Every now and then I indulge myself by watching a bit of F1. Not a lot, you understand; just a bit. I quite like a bit of motor racing but not too much. I’ll certainly watch some Indy Car, which for reasons I don’t understand, I really like, but the F1 procession? Nah. I’d rather watch paint dry.

Today’s Grand Prix was in Montreal. It’s held on a man made island which I once visited back in 1975. I don’t think there was a motor racing circuit back then but the site held Expo 67, whatever that was. I suppose I watched the start of today’s race with a little nostalgia in mind. I needn’t have bothered.

Martin Brundle, the former driver and current pundit on whichever station covers F1 informed me how more people than ever were watching it. Quite simply, this is utter rubbish. Viewing figures are in freefall following the move away from the BBC, then ITV and soon C4. Soon, it will only be on Sky, watched by, perhaps, a few hundred thousand people at best. It won’t die but it will wither.

Soon, racing drivers will be like cricketers, which is to day virtual unknowns. And if they are as boring as Lewis Hamilton, perhaps they deserve to be. But seriously, F1 is becoming an even more minor sport than it used to be. If you can actually call F1 a sport in the first place.

Some drivers are undoubtedly better than others, but how about when some cars are lapped? Come on: Hamilton is probably an excellent driver but is the bloke driving the latest Williams car actually crap when he can’t keep up? So crap that he ends up over a lap behind Hamilton? I don’t think so. There are only 10 teams, each running two cars and only three of them can possibly win the world title. 14 cars are wasting their time. And mine.

At least there was some overtaking, from what I can tell, which is unlike the lunacy that is Monaco, a race that appears to be run for the benefit of very rich folk. Once the race starts, the car that leads into the first corner wins. The next two hours make for nice viewing if you like seeing nice boats, less so if you want to see a race. But then Montreal was much the same.

The first three at the start finished as the first three. I stopped watching after the first lap and I saw how the race ended. This is not good.

That will do for me. F1, like cricket, is becoming a minor sport, watched only by Petrolheads. Brundle won’t care because he is a millionaire a hundred times over. I shall leave him to it. F1 is disappearing from the national psyche. And it deserves to.

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